“Carol Thatcher. Why can’t the BBC be consistent..?”

Iain Dale is asking why the BBC cannot be consistent in its treatment of staff who have offended due to racism. He writes: Chris Moyles is Radio 1’s star DJ. Two years ago he was involved, on air, in an incident which led to him being accused of racism. Halle Berry, no less, felt that he was indeed being racist. In December 2008 he faced another allegation, after he asserted that “Polish women make good prostitutes”. On neither occasion did … Read more

“just as long as Basil McCrea isn’t hosting it…”

According to tonights Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein’s Daithi Mc Kay wants to bring the parliament to the people by placing it on video sharing website you tube. He added: “If a satellite channel were to be introduced which covered Assembly proceedings I’m sure that the public would make use of it, just as long as Basil Mc Crea isn’t hosting it!” Daithi’s channel can be found here! Kathleen

Billy Hutchinson.

I’ve asked Billy to do an interview for slugger and he has agreed. Billy has agreed to answer questions from slugger readers interested either in loyalism generally, the PUP or the loyalist experience within Long Kesh. Any questions you have I will bring with me tomorrow …. Kathleen

“casualties of war..”

An interesting debate took place yesterday on Radio Free Eireann. Anthony McIntyre and Tommy McKearney discuss with the radio hosts the developments of this past week regarding Eames and Bradley. It’s a twenty minute or so discussion and it can be found here. (Scroll down to RFE Sat Jan 31.) However as arguments have developed over who is a victim and who is not Tommy McKearney and Anthony McIntyre are asked: Is it equitable that somebody who joins the British … Read more

BBC Bias….??

The BBC has come in for some criticism this week with An Phoblacht in its column called media view reporting on Blackouts and Blanket bans and quotes Bairbre de Brun over the BBC’s refusal to broadcast a humanitarian aid appeal for the people in Gaza. over on you tube the use of this picture in a BBC report has also brought up the issue of BBC bias with comments like these That picture of three italians giving fingers should not … Read more

“and he’s opposed to her because she’s a woman with power….”

On the Nolan show this morning there was an interesting little exchange between John O’Dowd and Nelson McCausland. From John O’Dowd. Nelson is not opposed to Catriona Ruane on the basis of her educational stance – he’s opposed to her because she’s a republican – and he’s opposed to her because she’s a woman with power.. Full interview here Kathleen


NOnot another Lisburn caption O wind your necks in.. Kathleen

“British jobs for British workers – you said it Gordon Brown…”

A French company Total in north Linconshire awarded a construction project to an Italian firm who brought their own non – British workforce with them. (300 Italian and Portugese housed in their own floating accomodation in the UK legitimately as EU citizens)Today saw a major walk out of British workers at the refinery the third largest in the UK with protests over the use of foreign workers. You don’t have to go accross to Europe to bring people in to … Read more

“a bunch of outsiders came in and stole, er, native lands…”

Ed Moloney discusses the causes of conflict in a wider interview on wbai (Radio Free Eireann) on the new role of George Mitchell in the middle east. It’s as if like the reason why there are conflicts is because you know people are irrational and they’re like spoiled kids or misbehaved kids or undisciplined kids and you bring them together and you lecture them and you tell them this is how you can live together. You know the reason why … Read more

Danny Morrison speaks at Experiences in Political Conflict.

Some footage of Danny at the Waterfront Hall event on Saturday. Good audio, mainly because he spoke into the microphone. He speaks about his history, sitting beside him are two loyalists ex prisoners who also told their history. Martin Lynch wrote that Danny’s book Then the walls came down influenced him in writing the play. I haven’t read Dannys prison journal, I’d be interested if any one has and their assessment of it. Danny’s own site is here where he … Read more

The SDLP’s Justice for the innocent….

I’m sorry to say I did not get to the Justice for the innocent talk organised by the SDLP at their party conference yesterday. It began at 1.15 in the afternoon,in the bunker room and by the time we’d finished interviewing Mr Durkan the discussion was over and we arrived as people were coming out. I knew at once that they were coming from something extremely emotional. There were quite a few women there with tears in their eyes, including … Read more

Alex Attwood speaks about West Belfast…

Slugger was able to catch up with Alex Attwood in the bunker room at Armagh City Hotel. The bunker, as its name suggests, was pretty badly lit – but Alex speaks about the constituency of West Belfast. Kathleen

Experience in political conflict. (Loyalists and Prison Officers speak.)

The discussion on Experiences of political conflict took place today at the Waterfront Hall. The excellent play by Martin Lynch The Chronicles of Long Kesh has generated a lot of discussion about that particular aspect of our history. While the prison story here is dominated by the provisionals, the loyalist and prison officers experience has yet to be fully told in our literature and plays. Billy McQuinston a former loyalist prisoner introduces himself and speaks of his experience. He is … Read more

4p.m. dead line for questions for Mark Durkan.

If anyone has any further questions that they would like to be included in Mick’s decision could they post them here. 4 p.m. will need to be the deadline, and Mick will make his choice and forward them on to me for Mark Durkan tomorrow. I would like to extend thanks to the SDLP for this Q&A session for Slugger in what must be a very busy time for them during their party conference this weekend. Kathleen

Prison Stories.

In the souvenir programme for Chronicles of Long Kesh Martin Lynch writes about the books that influenced him to write this play and others similar to it. He mentions Jimmy Boyle’s A Sense of Freedom, and claims that some blanket men he spoke to actually revealed it was referenced at the beginning of their debate about a proposed dirty protest. Its not hard to see why.. Robin Hodge writes in his review of Sense of Freedom The timing of the … Read more