Brian O’Neill

Bobbing along on a sea of misery…


You may have noticed I have not been writing much on Slugger the past few weeks. Since Christmas, my head has been particularly mushy, to use the medical term. Over Christmas, we all got that bug which seemed to be …

Frank Schnittger

Rugby Six Nations Review: Round 1 


Although none of the results came as a shock, the glorious unpredictability of the 6 Nations was underlined by three away victories in the opening round. Italy came close to shocking France in Rome, which would have been only the …

Brian Walker

The public inquiry into whether the Omagh bomb might have been prevented blows a fatal hole in the UK government’s Legacy Bill


 The decision under pressure from the courts to hold a public inquiry into whether the Omagh bomb might have been prevented blows a gaping hole in the UK government’s flailing attempts to wrap up the Troubles.  The fact that Omagh …

Alan Meban (Alan in Belfast)

The Forgotten Tribe – British MEPs


Watch back the recent panel discussion about the work and legacy of Northern Ireland’s MEPs, organised by IACES on the back of the publication of “The Forgotten Tribe – British MEPs”. Jim Nicholson, Giada Lagana, David Harley and Carl Whyte, chared by Viviane Gravey.

Terry Maguire

Fat Profits or a Fat Lip for Novo Nordisk?


Annual continuing professional development (CPD) is a requirement for most professions including pharmacy. Keeping up-to-date with our art and craft is essential to keeping our customers and patients safe. There is considerable freedom for individual pharmacists to choose what subjects …

Ciaran Ward

Passing the port in stormy weather….


Another decade has passed and my passport is due for renewal this year. A great deal has happened since 2013 – both in my own personal life (which I won’t go into) and within the wider world – which I …

Brian O’Neill

Open Sunday – discuss what you like…


The idea for Open Sunday is to let you discuss what you like. News events we have missed, or links to good stories you read during the week. Just two rules. Keep it civil and no man/woman playing.

Brian O’Neill

Open sunday – politics free zone…


In addition to our normal open Sunday, we have a politics-free post to give you all a break. So discuss what you like here, but no politics.

Brian O’Neill

Look North! The North Belfast Festival 2023 Launches…


Look North – The North Belfast Festival takes place over the weekend of the 24 to 26 February 2023 celebrating the heritage and creative talents of North Belfast. The festival programme is jam-packed with a wide range of activities and …

David McCann

Slugger TV looks at Ground Hog Day in Politics


February 2 was Groundhog Day. Sarah Creighton joined Alan Meban in the studio to discuss whether there are any signs of change in the political stalemate that’s gripped Northern Ireland for last year, and they looked ahead to how the …

Frank Schnittger

Ireland and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship…


Ireland have a patchy record in the 6 Nations rugby championship with only four wins since Italy joined in 2000. This compares to seven for England, and six for France and Wales, and none for Scotland or Italy. The figures …