Advertise on Slugger…

I am doing link building and we want you to add a link to one of your posts.

We never do this, ever. Please do not send me emails about it.

I am from an ad network and we want to buy ads on your site.

We do not take ads from ad networks, please do not send me emails about it.

We only take non-intrusive ads from legitimate organisations.

How many users do we have?

On average we have 120,000 readers a month but this can vary depending on the time of the year.

What is your reader demographic?

People interested in politics and current affairs tend to be well-educated and higher earners. So again for the ad people, it would be AB. Our audience is 80% NI based.

Some ideas for ads:

  • Promote your event/conference
  • List a job ad
  • Promote your site or service
  • Promote your educational programme
  • Political/election ads

To book an ad or to find out more send me an email: [email protected]