Slugger Team

Open sunday – politics free zone…


In addition to our normal open Sunday, we have a politics-free post to give you all a break. So discuss what you like here, but no politics.

Michael Hehir

Donaldson’s Dilemma: to lead or to follow?


The figures in today’s Lucid Talk poll for the Belfast Telegraph reveal the sheer scale of the challenge facing Jeffrey Donaldson. His initial reaction to the Windsor Framework was to avoid committing himself and to set up a mechanism – …

Allan LEONARD (Mr Ulster)

Images of Incoming: exclusion and belonging in Northern Ireland


To coincide with International Women’s Day, the Linen Hall Library hosted an event showcasing a Photovoice project that involved over 70 women from Northern Ireland and Canada, expressing their sense of inclusion and exclusion in their new countries. Dr Federica …

Andy Pollak

Talking to a broad-minded sporting unionist who defies all the southern stereotypes…


Brian Dougherty is a unionist. This Derry community worker says he is more determined in his unionism than he has ever been. Yet in every other way he goes against the narrow stereotype that most people in the South have …

Frank Schnittger

A Return to Normalcy? – A southern perspective


On the assumption that UK Ireland, EU, and US relations are once again beginning to resemble what used to be regarded as normality, how can we expect those relations to evolve in the future? The Brexit fever in England seems …

Mick Fealty

Bertie Ahern: Close relations, Brexit misfiring and why a border poll won’t happen even under a SF led government


I don’t know if you listen to the Rest is Politics podcast, but they recently started a new series in which they interview someone who has played a leading role in politics or public life. Yesterday it was Bertie Ahern. …

Kenneth Harper

Is deprivation in the North fueling racism?


Some depressing news for those who want to see a more diverse and integrated society. A study commissioned by the RoI’s Shared Island Initiative and carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute, (ESRI) was published on 6th March. …

David McCann

DUP form eight-member party panel to examine Windsor Framework


From UTV The DUP has created an eight member panel to examine the Windsor Framework. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, in an exclusive interview with UTV said the panel would report back to the party this month and that will inform its …


Does anyone actually know what the Stormont Brake is? Some questions partially answered…


Bill Breathnach is  Writer and TV researcher based in Connemara. Interested in economics, politics and all things cultural… Northern Ireland has been without a functioning Executive for over a year now. Boycotting and abstentionism are tactics that have long been …

Mick Fealty

Despite the royal allusion “the ‘Windsor Framework’ is unlikely to become anyone’s favourite child”.


The Windsor Framework shows progress on issues we were previously told could not be improved. Partly, I suspect, because the EU has accepted arguments made by external parties that the risk to the single market (at present) from the UK …