About Slugger O’Toole

Slugger O’Toole is an award-winning news and opinion portal, which takes a critical look at various strands of political politics in Ireland and Britain. It tries to bring its readers ‘open-source analysis’ from both the mainstream media and the blogosphere. And we are constantly on the look out for opportunities to add value to the debate of matters of regional, national, and international concern.

Set up by founding editor Mick Fealty in June 2002 to focus primarily on Northern Irish politics and culture, Slugger was one of the earlier adopters of the blog technology it uses. In April 2010, as a result of investment from 4IP and NI Screen the site was given a substantial design overhaul to take advantage and participate in the WordPress open source technology platform. Our editorial approach is pluralist in that we deliberately seek out a range of political opinions.

We believe diversity of opinion is essential to building a reliable view of any single problem, great or small. Our aim is to bring our readers accurate reporting combined with honest and informed analysis rather than balance. We continue to focus on Northern Irish politics but increasingly we will seek to bring you high-quality blogging and journalism on issues that affect the Republic of Ireland, Britain, and the wider world. We bring on particular subject areas like the economy, cultural issues, or the environment. The primary language of Slugger O’Toole is English, but we also have blogs in Irish and – potentially at least – in Welsh. Slugger has developed a reputation for hosting a (mostly) intelligent dialogue on a range of controversial and important issues.

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