“and he’s opposed to her because she’s a woman with power….”

On the Nolan show this morning there was an interesting little exchange between John O’Dowd and Nelson McCausland.
From John O’Dowd.

Nelson is not opposed to Catriona Ruane on the basis of her educational stance – he’s opposed to her because she’s a republican – and he’s opposed to her because she’s a woman with power..

Full interview here

  • Carson’s Cat

    What’s that smell there?

    Ahhh yes, its the smell of desperation coming from SF. Of course it can’t be the fact that the Minister is rubbish and is running away from the issue. It has to be because she’s a woman.

    I suppose that’s why just about every mother of a school age child I speak to hate Ruane’s guts as well then…

  • DC

    Power no authority without consensus.

  • Kathleen,

    Why on earth do you quote O’Dowd in your title, and in your blog, but not the rebuttal from McCausland?

    God knows I’m no fan of the DUP, but your item gives an entirely incorrect view of what McCausland actually said.

  • David Cather

    Is that the best response the mighty John O’Dowd rising star of Sinn Fein brought in to rescue Ruane can come up with? If so then my assessment on the other thread on this subject is correct; Ruane and the Sinn Fein crusade against the Education sector are dead in the water.

    This thread should be titled, “Desperate Sinn Fein reverts to type and crys discrimination.”

  • cynic

    Power? Power?

    O’Dowd is too sensible a politician not to realise that in the system we have adopted power derives from consesnus and co-operation and building cross-party agreement, – not the slavish, unthinking repetition of party dogma.

    She has no power and cannot access power because of the weakness of her argument and her lack of skills in these critical areas.

    That’s the problem – for everyone who wants this system to work. It needs politicians.

    Her sex is totally irrelevant.

  • rumour

    Horseman have you heard any rumors lately?

  • The Joker

    O’Dowd is scraping the barrel

  • Billyo

    If there is any misogyny on show it’s from the Sinn Fein camp. Why else would it have left this fool Ruane to become a laughing stock to her political opponents and the bulk of the education sector?

  • willis

    I will admit that I am showing my age, but I can remember a time when the Sinn Fein publicity machine was feared if not respected. It all seems a long time ago.

    Perfidious Albion!

    They don’t look so clever now. CR certainly has the trappings of power, the Office, the Department, who to be fair have been a lot more loyal to her than Sammy’s team at Environment.

    However, in terms of getting a job done, SF have tanked.

    Ourselves alone – how brutally accurate. This was always going to be a difficult fight but they had a number of allies who wanted rid of the hated 11+.

    SDLP, PUP & Alliance.
    The Teaching Unions and the broader Union movement, in which I proudly reside.
    The Secondary Heads.
    The Catholic Church.
    The Catholic Grammars

    And how did Sinn Fein and CR treat their allies?

    Either with contempt or complacency.

    We have seen exactly the same complacency and lack of preparation which did for Sinn Fein in the last ROI elections.

    Back to the drawing board. Build some bridges and start to act like a socialist party unless you want to waste the economic opportunity just as you have wasted the educational one.

  • Essentialist

    Well now that Caitriona has taken away her CCEA test that leaves the SDLP, PUP & Alliance,
    the Teaching Unions and the broader Union movement, the Secondary Heads, the Catholic Church and the Catholic Grammars all stuck with their NFER intelligence test.

    How much should disadvantaged Catholic parents spend on coaching outside school in order to compete with BT9 parents for places in Catholic grammars?
    Perhaps you can convince Bloomfield and the AQE to drop the charges for their tests in an equality gesture. Give Gowdy a call I’m sure he’s ready to deal now that Cait has called the bluff.

    Back to the drawing board. Back to the 11-plus.

  • Thanks for this. I got the link from a comment you left at another site and found it to be a great compilation of the story thus far. Here’s praying for the integrity of the tradefinancial modeling software

  • Sue

    “and he’s opposed to her because she’s a woman with power”

    Mary McAleese and nI?