NOnot another Lisburn caption

O wind your necks in..

  • The DVLA’s newest spycam… Mr Giraffe

  • Kathleen

    Very good Keith lol.

  • NCM

    The decoy in place, the Irish giraffe hunters waited patiently. They would come, they would come…

  • Awaiting a decision from the Parades Commission. Eh, Harold?

  • edward

    After decades of keeping his head burried in the sand the unionist noticed an elongation in the neck

  • Giraffe attacks church after MOT failure on emmissions.

  • Brian Walker

    What’s the problem? Don’t you like Irish giraffes?
    This one has a relative, near the top of Church Road Holywood with the junction with Ballymiscaw Rd, just the thing to raise a smile as you near the top of the climb..

  • kathleen

    Really Brian, I didn’t know that. I think the stuff people put in their gardens is brilliant.. Thats why I get ’em 🙂 to raise a smile…

  • cut the bull

    Taxi to Bellevue please. I was at a party last night and left a cow home.This morning she told me to go and close the gate behind me

  • Rory Carr

    “Well? – A fella needs to have a bit of a neck on him round these parts, I tell you!”

  • Rory Carr

    “…and, as well as the chimney and the tiles, you’ll need new guttering”.

  • blinding

    Housing markets turning into a jungle and some properties are just skrinking under the strain.

  • You need be Welsh or a Derby County fan to underst

    Robbie Savage will never find me here!