4p.m. dead line for questions for Mark Durkan.

If anyone has any further questions that they would like to be included in Mick’s decision could they post them here. 4 p.m. will need to be the deadline, and Mick will make his choice and forward them on to me for Mark Durkan tomorrow. I would like to extend thanks to the SDLP for this Q&A session for Slugger in what must be a very busy time for them during their party conference this weekend.

  • kensei

    Does taking the Labour whip remove the scope to cut deals in a tight parliament, as the DUP have done?

  • DC

    If taking the Labour whip why can’t the SDLP be more like New Labour than cultural nationalists outbidding on Irish language proposals?

    Will the SDLP go back to social democracy anytime soon?

    How will the SDLP fight for new jobs?

    How will the SDLP get a united Ireland whenever they are not united themselves and have a party that cannot be called a social democratic party as its appeal is so terribly lopsided, one-sided?

  • Expense

    Why does Mark Durkan let the SDLP be continually undermined?

    Why does the SDLP not pull out of the Executive? Is it simply that Margaret Ritchie will not give up the power and the money?

    What is the SDLP doing to attract voters?

    Where did Mark Durkan get the Executive papers?

    Why does the SDLP agree with everything in the Executive but disagree then in public i.e. budget, PPS21?

  • blinding

    Has he seen or heard from the “the lesser spotted Fianna Fáil six county possible merger rare beast” recently

  • William

    Considering the way that the SDLP and UUP Executive Ministers are continually side-lined by the SF/DUP alliance, would you consider going into opposition with the UUP, Alliance and Independents?

    Do you seriously believe that your candidate can win a seat at the next European election?

    What do you think are the prospects of the SDLP and UUP / Conservatives regaining the major positions of First and Deputy First Minister at the next Assembly elections?

  • The Inquisitive Inquirer

    Outspoken South Belfast Councillor Niall Kelly has become unusually quiet on his Belfast Stoop blog which he used to criticise the party. Has he been Censured?

  • Questioner

    As a social democratic party, what co-operation is there between the SDLP and the Trade Union movement?

    Which figure from Irish history do you most admire?

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    As a party which aspires to a reunited Ireland why did the SDLP never consider expanding to the Republic?

  • kathleen

    Thanks to all for the thoughtful questions in this and the first thread. Without the questions there’d be no question and answer session, so thankyou again.