I’m only here for the beer….

  • Guillaume

    smile of the year

  • It reaches the commenters that other bloggers dont normally reach

  • Paul McMahon

    Carlsberg don’t normally do prison escapes but if they did…

  • Guillaume

    You obviously don’t know much about Carlsberg

  • Guillaume

    You donj’t know muh bout carlsberg so…..

  • lol

    What a grin!

  • Archie Purple

    [play the ball – edited moderator] I knew the Prison officer he shot when he escaped from the Maze and then recently gloated about it on BBC TV.

  • cynic

    A Sinn Fein rep prepares to tell all to the International Victims Commission

  • Gerry thinking to himself: “I wonder if the mics picked up my fart.. no they didnt… as always gerry silent…but deadly.”

  • USA

    “Here’s to Jim Allister”

  • blinding

    Gerry thoughts

    “No matter how you unionists dress it up I am not going to swallow any more of your auld guff”

  • slurp


  • cut the bull

    HARP an all Ireland institution fully supported in Loyalist drinking clubs throughout the north.
    Now who says you cant enjoy change.