“just as long as Basil McCrea isn’t hosting it…”

According to tonights Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein’s Daithi Mc Kay wants to bring the parliament to the people by placing it on video sharing website you tube.

He added: “If a satellite channel were to be introduced which covered Assembly proceedings I’m sure that the public would make use of it, just as long as Basil Mc Crea isn’t hosting it!”

Daithi’s channel can be found here!

  • bb

    old news……

  • DC

    It will always be second to watching him getting smacked.

  • Ogra Abu

    Its good to see someone taking a lead on bringing the politics in the north into modern times. Although many of our local councillors and MLA’s have blogs and vlogs i still think its important that people, especially young people, are aware of whats happening in the assembly and what goes on there.

    Also this again highlights the fact that Sinn Féin is the youngest party and that it is leading the way in terms of making politics relevant to young people.

  • well done d

    good on him watch this guy . he will go far

  • Eric

    Sammy Wilson has had a youtube channel for ages –


  • Keepitclean

    Daithis channel looks like its going to be a bit more interesting than Sammy’s. Love the video where hes filming from home, to be honest though I’m not sure if I would like to see home-videos of Sammy, especially given his past record!

  • Dookie

    i get the feeling that Diathi does most of his own stuff whereas one of the DUP techies has just planted sammy down in front of a camera and told him to waffle.

    Mckay does seem to bring a new perspective to the assembly, could do with more young blood coming through from all parties.

    Hes got a good point though. If parents want to watch the Education Minister’s statement from Monday for example theres nowhere to access it on the net except for Hansard on the Assembly website. I think a lot of parents would like to be able to go onto youtube, do a search and watch the announcement uncut. The same goes for any issue, people are turning away from broadcasting and toward narrowcasting.

  • Hugo


    I wonder how much Daithi will get for ‘getting smacked’?! I wouldn’t mind having some nut giving me a clip on tv if it meant a windfall at the end of it!