“casualties of war..”

An interesting debate took place yesterday on Radio Free Eireann. Anthony McIntyre and Tommy McKearney discuss with the radio hosts the developments of this past week regarding Eames and Bradley. It’s a twenty minute or so discussion and it can be found here. (Scroll down to RFE Sat Jan 31.) However as arguments have developed over who is a victim and who is not Tommy McKearney and Anthony McIntyre are asked:

Is it equitable that somebody who joins the British army, and somebody who joins the IRA would be in the same classes of victim of somebody walking by and a car bomb going off going to school? Or somebody that was shot by a plastic bullet? Are they really equal? I mean there is two sides that made conscious decisions – they joined their respective armies and they went out to carry out their political beliefs as compared to someone that was going about shopping?

Responses to this question are in the video, but the whole debate mentioned on Eames and Bradley can be found here for the next seven days or so.