BBC Bias….??

The BBC has come in for some criticism this week with An Phoblacht in its column called media view reporting on Blackouts and Blanket bans and quotes Bairbre de Brun over the BBC’s refusal to broadcast a humanitarian aid appeal for the people in Gaza.

over on you tube the use of this picture in a BBC report

has also brought up the issue of BBC bias
with comments like these

That picture of three italians giving fingers should not have been shown.This small news story is going to cause racial unrest and then God knows what will happen.And this should be on record that BBC were the ones who started this.This is the kind of inflammatory journalism should be avoided at all times.When the germans lost the great war they came up with a propaganda that they had been ‘stabbed in the back when they were not looking’ and blamed the jews.

I wonder if thats what the BBC and other media outlets like Sky,Daily Express are trying to do.Looking for a scapegoat.The british nation is being turned against the minorities by these ‘Inflammatory Journalism’ by these media outlets.This bring back memories of how the Nazis used propaganda machine to turn the whole nation into masness.I wonder if thats whats going to happen.THIS NEWS STORY IS GOING TO CAUSE RACIAL UNREST.

Continuing with the theme of bias David Vance sees the corporation in a tricky situation over its reporting of the current strikes and points out

It has to be a tricky one for the multiculti-EU loving BBC and true to form I see that the line currently being peddled is to place all responsibility with the management of those companies concerned but this obscures the central fact that the companies are lawfully employing EU citizens, it just so happens this is in preference to UK citizens.

Is there a case for BBC bias or is it simply a case of not pleasing all of the people all of the time?