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Kiss the duck

POTD – Dansko Gida

Dansko Gida from Vorsland in the Kaash republic, engages with a local yoof in an attempt to get him to ‘Kiss the duck’ which an old Kaash tradition. Part of the Festival of Fools ‘Sunday Treats’ at Cotton Court every Sunday through the summer at 2pm and 4pm


POTD – Back to porridge

Tattered flags at Simon Bolivar Park near the commercial port in Port-au-Prince. How time flies. 3 weeks in Haiti and i’m back to a shedload of editing. I took the old advertising adage “You’re better looking at it than for it” to a bit of an extreme. I’m looking forward to going through all I more…

IMG_9325 copy

POTD – The Republic of Conscience

Another poster from www.upstart.ie I really hope that the arts organisations here can do something like this for the forthcoming local elections in May. I spotted a few of these during last years General Election and one adorns my kitchen wall EDIT TO ADD…… From the Republic of Conscience by Seamus Heaney

New Lawn

POTD – New Lawn

Rolls of turf prior to being laid in the grounds of City Hall.  The X-mas continental market (food and drink as culture) leaves the grass dead hence the replacement.

Baritone busker

POTD – The Baritone Busker

Quare set of lungs on this fella who was blasting out operatic songs without the aid of an amp. The busker who is normally here uses as amp to murder classic songs such as Cash’s ‘I walk the line’. I’d take this fella every time. I’ve seen him in the past sing smile inducing cover more…

Fire at Barclays

POTD – The Bank’s on Fire (Captions welcome)

Kind of ironic that at roughly the same time the head of Barclays Bob Diamond was appearing in front of a treasury committee at the  House of Commons today , I happened upon this scene at one of his branches in High Street. Seems to me that this photo is ripe for a caption or two, more…