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Billy Bragg IMG_2154

POTD – Billy Bragg and Occupy Belfast

Walking past the camp yesterday i heard what sounded like a familiar voice. When i looked to check it was indeed Billy Bragg who was in town to play a gig at the Empire last night. He had called down to offer support to the camping protestors. Safe to say that any donations of food more…


POTD – Moko?

Seen on the Ormeau Rd and it reminded me of the Maori Ta Moko . I predict the All Blacks will romp the final tomorrow by at least 20 points


POTD(s) of the Day – Photo Quiz

With a couple of additions here is the photo round from last night. Those of you who were there last night please play nice and don’t give away the answers. I didn’t think it was THAT difficult but no single team got more than half of them correct.

I am not afraid 4959

POTD – I see you and am not afraid

A young artist from the Arts collective Atis-Rezistans who are based off the Grande Rue in Port-au-Prince, strikes a pose in front of a sculpture made by Eugene Andre one of the collective founders. I found this to be a very special and inspirational place. Three members of the collective exhibited at the Venice Biennnale more…

Demolition by hand IMG_8284

POTD – Demolition by hand

A team of workers demolish a building that collapsed during the January 2010 earthquake. Across Port-au-Prince similar sights can be seen as any building materials that can be reused are salvaged when possible. One of the difficulties facing Haiti is that the government buildings that held records of land ownership were destroyed along with the more…

Children at Henri Christophe Park4430

POTD – Children at Henri Christophe Park

Living in a makeshift camp at Henri Christophe Park these children will know little of the story of one of the leaders of the revolution which saw Haiti become the second country, after America, to break free from colonial shackles. An aid worker i spoke with told me that there are always spikes in birth more…

ala sander blockmakerIMG_4809

POTD – Portrait of a blockmaker

Across Port-au-Prince and Haiti you see blocks offered for sale along the roadside. This man makes 600 of these a day for something in the region of £2 a day. Thursday night’s Big Political quiz will hopefully raise a good few pennies for the Haven Partnership who build houses in Haiti