POTD – No Alibis

It’s fresher week

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  • between the bridges

    i know the old adage ‘ if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about’ and there are countless static CCTV, but at the same time this does strike me as a tad 1984…where is the thought police?… “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death.”

  • quality

    between the bridges

    Try living in or near the Holylands. If the roving cameras stop an inebriated culchie from smashing a church door, running over the bonnet of my car, kicking its wing mirror off, or ringing house doorbells continually at 3am on a work night I’m all for them.

  • between the bridges

    Quality, I am sure if I was subject to the same anti-social behavior you describe I would totally agree!
    not hailing from the big smoke i probably qualify as a culchie and have been known to be inebriated occasionally!! .but the local culchies would refer to me as a townie as I’m from the local big smoke (pop 16k). A much vaunted CCTV scheme has been in place for a few years and its success in dealing with ‘inebriated culchies’ is debatable.

  • quality

    I use the term culchie loosely, to refer to the group of students who come from the country to the ‘big smoke’ and decide to wreck the place before heading home on Friday to get their mammy to do their washing. It wasn’t meant as a catch all term.

    It’s reassuring as a non-studying resident to see an increased police presence at night, including the mobile CCTV vans. There’s so much focus on Paddy’s day, when in reality the problem is all year round.

    Obviously you should enjoy yourself at University, but there is a limit – it seems to me the Holylands has just been left to fester. Litter, smashed glass, noise, vandalism… Any measures to try and curb this are welcomed (and genuinely needed)

    I went to uni over the water, and have genuinely never seen anything like the Holylands. I feel for the long-term residents, particularly the older ones, who’ve had to put up with this on a 5-day a week basis in term time.