POTD – Country comes to town

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  • SimonLong

    This used to be a regular scene at country dances not so long ago. At one such a visiting American lass was being chatted up by the local lads, one of whom struck lucky and got to leave her home.

    ‘But I have to tell you’, said the forward Yank, ‘I’m on my menstrual cycle’.

    ‘No bother’ answered your man. ‘I’ll follow ye on my JCB’.

  • Hopping The Border

    Unfortunately this should probably read Country in town, as that tractor is always parked there!

    Occasionally early in the morning you see it’s owner, an elderly chap with an english accent driving it around! (not sure for what)

  • Rory Carr

    It’s real neat.

    Some months ago we traded in our big luxurious but parking-problematic Rover 75 for a zippy little Ford Ka in just that red, with leather seats, air con, go-faster chrome exhaust, all sporty specs, and I just love it! Much better than the sluggish latest model Ka, devoid of all zip, which a friend has regretted trading in her older model for.

    I feel like I am zooming around town on a GT roller-skate. And parking is a dream. But this tractor really gets my groove. It’s fire-engine red – and it’s convertible ! Well, ok, open-topped. Oh, alright ! No bloody roof !

    Anyway, I can imagine myself up in the little sprung driving seat, toodling down the King’s Road on a Friday night with Hugo Duncan blasting out of the boom-box. Cool or what ? I’m bound to pull a Sloane or two.

  • Rory, Rihanna and Alan Graham’s Massey have more pulling power.

    I used to drive my little Massey to the library – so they closed the library 🙁

  • Drumlins Rock

    what happened to my comment?

  • Rory Carr

    Drumlin’s comment has been ploughed under.


    The library staff probably assumed that you were Ted Moult coming to clean out the stock in order to bone up for a successful assault on the Brain of Britain crown.

    As for Ms Rhianna – I would hope that I would never be so in need that I would, in return for money, degrade myself by allowing my little red tractor ( or any other property) to be used by Rhianna (or any other woman, or man for that matter) in order to debase her own sexuality for money. Not a very pretty sight but then degradation never is. Had she but the wit to know it, Farmer Graham was doing the young woman a huge favour.

    He was allowed an article in the Sunday Times just after the incident and he came across as quite a reasonable, decent man, not at all over-prudish, not intolerant but rather a man with a quiet faith (yes, the writing on the barn – I know ! But, nevertheless…) which was offended by the film company’s actions. I can only think that if it had been my daughter being exploited/allowing herself to be degarded in this fashion I would have been indebted to the man.

  • babyface finlayson


    No doubt she broke up with him by sending a John Deere letter?

  • Rory, it appears she was running topless through the field of barley/wheat – that wouldn’t have been part of the script.

  • Exchange all of the cars with gray tractors and the red tractor with a black car and it would look like the town square on a Saturday night when I were a lad.

  • Nunoftheabove


    Must be something of an exaggeration, that. There’s, like, so no wayyyyyy they’d have had tarmac back then 😉