POTD – Spides love…..

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  • wee buns

    New slang word to me: ‘ginger bread’ – ‘something showy & worthless’ – and it’s been a very long time since I saw anyone with a web tattoo on their neck.

  • Hedley Lamarr

    Forgive me if I am wrong but in the late 1970s people who weren’t mods or skinheads or rockers etc were called “Spiders” if they liked all kinds of music in the charts.

    I always assumed “spide” was just a derivation of “spider”.

    I knew many a skinhead who had a web tattoo but you wouldn’t refer to them as “Spides”. They would have beaten you like a red-headed stepchild because your use of slang would have been unforgivably inaccurate.

    We referred to people who didn’t have a specific musical taste and dressed primarily in tracksuits with optional bling as Spides.

    But of course “Spider” as a term might have been local to my time and district.

  • andnowwhat

    The term was a “spider-man” Harry. It was anyone who was not a mod, punk, metteler etc. You are tight though, they would not have spider web tatoos.

    Today, a spide is someone with a greased down bar code fringe, cheap gold jewelry, a fondness for sports wear and excessively pressed (but quite dear) clothes in the evening.

    A blast from Belfast’s past;


  • wee buns

    I thought ‘spide’ the equiv of English ‘chav’ – and very true that skin heads & punks who had those web tattoos would not have beaten you like a ‘red-headed step child’ 😀 but loads of youngsters back then sported hard core neck & facial tattoos (remember the dotted line ‘cut here’ and barbed wire necklace?) often homemade Indian ink jobs, which has definitely has declined as a practice.
    Interesting that the commentator in this instance (judging from white paint used) is also the ‘anarchist’ – politically incongruous with the sneering tone of the other remark – which raises the argument that terms like ‘spide’ & ‘chav’ are forms of social racism.

  • Thats a peace sign wee buns but your comment remains true re social racism.
    A brief glance at the urban dictionary reveals more than “showy & worthless” 🙂

  • Hedley Lamarr

    “The name’s ‘Hedley’!!”

  • Nunoftheabove

    Where’s your froggy ?

  • Hedley Lamarr

    Daddy loves Froggy!!

  • wee buns

    Ok stuff happens but….gingerbread HOUSE ffs?!?

  • When I return home, every second year or so, the first thing I have to eat is McVities Ginger Cake with butter. My sister-in-law knows me well. We can’t get it in Canada; such a pity.

  • wee buns

    That’s a pure outrage Joe – no gingerbread in Canada.
    I hope you have penned the gravest letter to the prime minister about this.
    If you are easily shocked do NOT look up the urban dictionary about has happened to ‘gingerbread’ here in your absence….
    Where to start with the treachery involved – depending on which usage of the slang ‘gingerbread’ employed – the commentator is guilty of social racism, sexism, or both. Peace my elbow.

  • wee buns ,

    History changes tomorrow. Ginger cake comes to Canada (well, my household) courtesy of Google coughing up McVities recipe.


  • wee buns

    Joe that link isn’t working but as long as the Golden Syrup is in the recipe…keep her lit. Bake ot yourself?

  • yep, Golden syrup is a major ingredient; hope i can find it. 🙂