POTD – Children at Henri Christophe Park

Living in a makeshift camp at Henri Christophe Park these children will know little of the story of one of the leaders of the revolution which saw Haiti become the second country, after America, to break free from colonial shackles. An aid worker i spoke with told me that there are always spikes in birth rates after natural disasters. The child at the front is playing with a condom which the children often use as ballons.
Thursday night is the Big Political Quiz at the Black Box and all money raised goes to The Haven Patnership

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  • AGlassOfHine

    Greek Colonial shackles ? Roman Colonial shackles ?
    Colonial shackles reach a long way back into history.

  • carl marks

    mooch i wont be able to ake the quiz, is there a way (bank account, direct donation, debit card etc) that i can make use of’

  • carl marks

    think it was the French, if memory serves Napoleon promised the those enslaved freedom if they assisted in his war against the English only to go back on his word.
    One of the most disgraceful events of his time.

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of pedantry AGH. If you clicked through on the first link you might have learned something. But in the interest of clarity (and pedantry)First the Spanish then the French were the colonial enslavers.
    The Black Jacobeans by CLR James has detailed accounts of the horrors of slavery on Haiti.
    By the by with ref to Napoleon, tthere is a village north of Port-au-Prince that descendants of a Polish Regiment who deserted the French forces still live. You can tell them apart by their striking blue eyes. Unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to go.
    Here you go Carl