POTD – Where is it?


  • Phil

    The Gasworks?

  • GreenBack

    Easy peasy, Ormeau Gas Works

  • Is it Ormeau Gas Works as seen from the train?

  • No
    No and errrr

  • lamhdearg

    Not sure where it is MP but in the light of day will it say “kill all tiags” on the wall, taigs spelt wrong for effect.

  • It doesn’t lamhdearg

  • Neil

    Blackstaff mill?

  • lamhdearg

    Good, thats a change then. Nice pic dark but inspiring, you could do this for a living.

  • No Neil
    and errr i do lamhdearg (just about)

    as a clue folks have been understanding the architecture just not the locality

  • joeCanuck

    Couldn’t be Power Staion East; you wouldn’t wander that far!

  • babyface finlayson

    Is it the gasworks?

  • I did do a book on Ballylumford a few years ago Joe but no it’s not
    No Babyface

  • Dewi

    It must be a pool bar. Them’s eight balls.

  • Drumlins Rock

    was thinking the Ormeau baths

  • chewnicked

    Somewhere in the Shipyard?

  • john

    Mossley Mill?

  • Ha Dewi
    DR, chewnicked, john….Nope

  • babyface finlayson


  • chewnicked


  • No babyface or chewnicked…….

  • C’mon folks it’s not that difficult honest.
    It is in Belfast

  • Being in Belfast makes it exceedingly difficult for culchies like myself, MP. I’ve only been in the city on two brief occasions since the Slugger Awards in 2008 and Mick can tell you that that took a bit of persuading 🙂

    The only other thought that came to mind was an old set of wards at the Royal Victoria Hospital but they may have gone by now.

  • Neil

    Looks like the one between the Springfield and Shankill. Drawing a blank, but it’s driving me nuts. Hint?

  • I realise that the culchies might not know where it is Nevi but sure it’s a bit of fun.

    Wrong side of town Neil

  • Secret Squirrel

    Wrong side of town Neil

    Is Neil on the correct side of the Lagan Mooch’ ?

  • It is east of the city SS

  • Secret Squirrel

    Ah ! That’s me snookered then. 🙁

  • Dewi

    Sirocco factory?

  • No Dewi
    all thats standing there now is the chimney

  • Is it beside the Templemore Avenue Health Centre?

  • Is it next to Davey Gilbert’s inner city farm?

  • Nevin the health centre was knocked down last year but yeah this is Templemore Baths……not bad for a culchie 🙂

  • MP. I went for a drive – on Google :L

  • GreenBack

    Ok, not so easy peasy :-/
    But I finally got it, it’s the Ormeau Baths Art Gallery.
    Nice work MP

  • Greenback, the answer is further up. The Templemore Baths is a similar structure but different gable windows.

  • GreenBack

    Thanks Nevin and well done on getting it.
    I can’t even get it right when it’s already been answered!! I think the only option for me is to retire, easy peasy.

  • Here’s another view of Templemore Baths