POTD – A simple enough message on Hemp St.

All part of our all inclusive shared future i guess

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  • Drumlins Rock

    that is NOT a “Pic of the Day” it is your petty attempt to start a thread to back up a previous petty thread.

    The idea of POTD I thought was to give a little “snapshot” of life in Northern Ireland, you have just used it for biased point scoring time after time.

    It is an abuse of the privilege of posting on here, perhaps I should go out today a take a pic of something I don’t like and post it, call it “Pic of the Afternoon” bit I have better things to be doing, and so have you.

    Stick to what you do well, or else take a hike.

  • changeisneeded

    Haha Drumlins.
    You just dont like the scumag marching bands and their supporters portrayed for how they really are.

    Moochin photographs display reality. Good photo Mr Photoman , i enjoy your work.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mooch, see you have your supporters anyways, encouraging the likes of above to label 30,000 people as scumbags (guessing thats what scumags meant), good to know you make some people happy at least.

  • Chris Donnelly

    What is petty is your ludicrous attempt at messenger shooting.

    Care to actually comment on the content of the mural and what it says about the mentality of some participants in loyalist parades?

    Well done, Moochin, and don’t be detracted by threats from the usual quarters.

  • Rory Carr

    I think that Moochin was doing no more than drawing our attention to the incongrous employment of Gothic script involving a botched use of the semicolon where a colon was apposite.

    Campaigns that highlight the imperfect use of punctuation such as this and the more common “greengrocers’ apostrophe” (as in “lovely apple’s for sale”) are to be encouraged and Drumlin’s Rock is remiss in taking umbrage.

    p.s. Aren’t Blood and Thunder bands absolutely bloody awful?

  • John Ó Néill

    DR – it is current since there are moves to have the funding landscape re-shaped so that these same bands can access certain monies under the aegis of ‘arts’ funding. I’ve not seen any art groups insisting that where their artwork isn’t appreciated they will use even more garish colours.

  • Reader

    Rory Carr: Campaigns that highlight the imperfect use of punctuation such as this and the more common “greengrocers’ apostrophe” (as in “lovely apple’s for sale”) are to be encouraged and Drumlin’s Rock is remiss in taking umbrage.
    I have a theory about the origins of the Greengrogers’ apostrophe:

  • The Raven

    …and I like the juxtaposition of the rubbish.

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot


    Prods and their doings are Myopic Photoman’s muse. Let him get on with it. I suspect that he is one himself; of the ‘Sorry-Prod’ variety (Patron Saint Tom Paulin).

    Then again it may be that this is “legitimate” art and not for proles such as I. Although I do think The Raven has called it correctly and the true subject is in lower left field. A rubbish photograph.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Will admit, Mooch is very good at rubbish pics.

  • Rory Carr

    I took the inclusion of the rubbish in the shot to be symbolic of the poor punctuation skills in the notice (and of the music with which it threatens the reader). Nice touch really.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Rory, being a thick neanderthal marching band scumbag I must have missed that nuance.

  • Cynic2

    “Care to actually comment on the content of the mural and what it says about the mentality of some participants in loyalist parades?”

    And just what does the cult of the Hunger Strike say about Nationalist Areas? Or the Murals praising dead terrorists ‘killed on active service’ ie while trying to murder people?

  • Rory Carr

    Don’t beat yourself up, Drumlin, we all have room for improvement. Look at Cynic2 for example, he’s still in the whataboutery stage of development

  • Perhaps we should have a competition to see who can best improve the slogans with Photoshop?

  • Drumlins Rock

    I think Mooch already did that, it actually says ” Where our Music is challenged we will undertake an understanding diversity and difference course, in co-operation with various funding bodies”

  • Quincey

    An agenda driven inclusion on Slugger without doubt. Will we see a few snaps from South Armagh community centres next week being used to tar all Republicanism? Or what about a few snaps of the Tricolours and Palestine flags erected in Banbridge specifically for todays funeral of Stephen McKee K.I.A. Or what about snaps of the IRA graffitti scrawled near teh fmaily home for the funeral, or the green white and orange doorstep??

    But…. everyones allowed an agenda. Just as long as its acknowledged.

    On the photo itself, well what exactly is bad or evil about the message?? What should be reassuring is that it is refered to as music, and perhaps it goes someway to helping explain why we as bands people feel so strongly – we play music.

    The truth is its not bands or music thats not wanted on certain streets in this Country- its the people playing it. Fullstop. As soon as that is admitted maybe we can get somewhere.

    Wonderfull how things have came full circle. The Peoples Democracy protested about its parades being blocked, citing free speech, human rights and natural justice. Now many who supported that stance are blocking parades, justifying the stance by telling us and the world that its ok because ‘we are big bad prods’.


  • Chris Donnelly

    ‘An agenda driven inclusion on Slugger.’

    Take off the blinkers man. Ever check out what issues preoccupy Pete Baker, Turgon, Drum Rock and others, including Mick Fealty himself? Republicans are told off when they sing from that hymn sheet and the same goes for yourself, I’m afraid.

    What is important about the message in the mural is that it illustrates how some clearly regard the marching issue as a triumphalist one, an opportunity to get one over on ‘the other side.’ Denying this self-evident reality is foolish as there are innumerable examples to prove it from across the 6 counties.

    The ‘big bad prods’ reference is a return to the MOPEry I encouraged you to abandon during a St Patrick’s Day thread, Quincey.

    Apart from smacking of immaturity it leaves you open to the charge that similar manifestations of republicanism in unionist areas would not be tolerated becase we are ‘big bad catholics.’

    That might be true, but then accepting that will move you beyond the blinkered narrative to one which perhaps begins to challenge your own community to show how it is willing to tolerate reciprocal manifestations of republicanism in its own ‘space’ in return for seeking to be permitted to express your own culture in their ‘space.’

    Take, for example, your reaction to the erection of some Irish National flags in Banbridge (and contrary to your rather paranoid assertions, I’ve no doubt the flags were erected in preparation for the Easter commemorations held by republicans.)

    Did you ever stop to consider how the erection of loyalist flags, on a scale far grander than any conceived of by republicans, is viewed by your neighbours of an Irish nationalist disposition?

  • changeisneeded

    Absolutly pathetic. pathetic

    what is on that wall is typical of what is wrong with marching “scene”. Tramping up roads for 6months of the year with military styled thugs flying uvf/union flags will never be accepted the way it is. It will only serve to divide us further.

  • changeisneeded

    chris exactly. shared future what?

  • SLUGGER when is this constant attack on the Unionist community in East Belfast going to stop ??

    Drumlins Rock you’re 100%

    This is complete bias

  • Nunoftheabove


    You regard the publication of that photograph as an attack on the Unionist community in East Belfast ?

  • Nunoftheabove if you look at the constant posts by MP its complete bias – you have to feel sorry

  • lamhdearg

    you really need to get an all day bus ticket, and get around more. this pic of a old (painted what 15 years ago) mural that was put up in another time vis a vis when the conflict was not as it is today is not much of a find.

  • lamhdearg sure he can’t even walk over to the short strand and take pics of the sectarianism there – oh sorry i’m wrong he did a photo shoot for SF there

  • changeisneeded

    i think this is just what he sees everyday . like me . i drive through this country all the time and all i see is union flags and uda flags. a very odd time do i come across anything from the republican side.

    Reality is biting hard for some of these posters

  • Rory Carr

    I must say that I am impressed, indeed humbled, by BelfastJJ and Lamhdearg who have shown in their last few posts above that they at least have the good grace to be deeply embarrassed by the bully-boy sentiments of this mural.

    I am sure that, like me, many Republicans have at times been equally embarrassed by sentiments displayed on walls in nationalist communities and yearn for the day when Republican street sentiment was best illustrated by that marvellous line on the wall at the bottom of the Whiterock Road that ran, “Is there a life before death ?”.

    The trouble is of course that when such street expression by our own side comes under attack from ‘themmuns’ our knee-jerk reaction is to defend it for fear that, in expressing our own distaste for such crassness, we be seen to be pandering to the ‘enemy’.

    The solution is for those of taste and goodwill to be foremost in pointing to the shortcomongs of their own side before ‘themmuns’ have a chance to get their oar in.

    Mind you, it does mean that we will all have to be up awfully early.

    p.s. I still think that Blood and Thunder bands are crap, but that’s just an expression of my good taste.

  • Thank you Rory i can assure you and everyone else – the writing on the wall threating RC’s will be brought up with the police at DPP level.

    I’m just sick and tired of MP portraying all of east belfast as bigots and believe he is on some kind of agenda

    Slugger needs to step in and stop this BIAS !!

  • lamhdearg

    Rory, its just an expression of your taste. I reckon (without the numbers in front of me) that mooch shows at least 4+ to 1 pics that put non irish nats in a bad light, and as he himself has written he is not one of themmuns.

  • Zig70

    I do agree, I’d like to see more of Belfast, NI even and not this one wee area, interesting though it is. We missed out on the ‘Free Wesley Snipes’ graffitti in the Holy lands.
    The message is the same any devotee of music feels about their own taste. Are we sure it wasn’t written by some Emo’s with a ghettoblaster?

  • DR……….

    “Stick to what you do well, or else take a hike”

    Reminds me of Nelson McCausland and his “expectations” of the festival.
    Should i perhaps try to get a photo of a say, i dunno a pro Israeli gospel choir from Tipperary(he did say southern gospel music right?), singing Jerusalem in a Blood and Thunder styleee.

    Seriously DR i’m surprised you typed that but if you revert to type with a defensive arms folded finger pointing default stance, there is nothing i can do about that i guess.


    “he did a photo shoot for SF”
    Oh did i now?
    When exactly was this then?

  • Was this not it http://sluggerotoole.com/2011/01/15/potd-mountpottinger-police-station-and-smiling-sf-councillor/

    Why didn’t you take pictures of the sectarian graffiti on the former PSNI station ????

    Why are you so Bias MP was it the poor child who asked you a simple question ?

  • Nunoftheabove


    Not sure why there should be an expectation of an absence of bias. Would it be more balanced to ignore stuff like this and not publish it ? Go photo some of your own and submit them, if they’re worthwhile I’m sure they’ll be posted and I’m sure other parts of the landscape have sizeable quantities of as yet under-known graffito treasure begging to be snapped. This stuff needs an edge to be worth posting in the first place and this ain’t the BBC.

  • Nunoftheabove – so say there is street with sectarian graffiti on both sides and you show photos of just one side is that not Bias ??

    A yes or no will do ?

  • Nunoftheabove


    No. Not necessarily. Depends whether one, both or neither are remotely interesting. Publish both if interesting, neither if not, either one that might be. It’s fairly uncomplictaed mate.

  • Quincey

    Ok, I’m a prod. I shouldn’t be using these words. Sorry in advance.



  • Quincey

    Oh, and if my door step painted is for easter holy cow. Patrick Pearse would be turning in his (suppressed homosexual) grave.

  • Nunoftheabove


    I’m just waiting with interest to see if any of those who connect and identify with the words on the wall shown have the honesty to say what they really think in response to your comment – Papish Prod, Lundy, fenian-lover etc. Thing is, it’s not usually that difficult to spot the ones who think it but don’t say it as frequently they’re the ones most inclined to use the words tolerance and respect in the first place without either demonstrating any real understanding of them and with a poorly concealed distaste for ever applying them.

  • lamhdearg

    Quincey, i do not understand your comment, poor thick me.

    Some people can not Tolerate the band’s let alone Respect them, however some people do, and those (the ones that do) are no less due their share of the tax payers money IF it is to be handed out, than every one else.

  • lamhdearg

    see nelsons swansong

  • vanhelsing

    I’ve stuck up for MP on several occasions on this site but I have to agree with DR that I have noticed more of his recent photos have suggested a little bias.

    In terms of this particular picture and murals in general, we’ve all noticed ‘changes’ in them, a move from more paramilitary ones to: [I speak for the Prods]

    George Best
    Danny Blanchflower
    The 36th Ulster Division
    Titanic [not the film]

    Anyway my point is that people here may whine about this one ‘oooh they play their music really loud near the taig areas’ let me assure you that this is better than UVF ones in my humble opinion and shows progress in our community. But by all means complain anyway…

  • BloodThunder

    It is human nature to heighten volume if you feel you are being unfairly opposed. Surely we realise that after years of living in Northern Ireland? The Civil Rights movement became more vociferous the more it was challenged. In 1985, the unionists became more vociferous after the Anglo-Irish Agreement as they felt they were being unfairly treated. There is nothing wrong with the statement in this photograph, the very few parades that there are protests at have to bus them in from all over Lurgan and West Belfast. Bands shouldn’t have to be at the whim of likely dissident republican elements complaining about parades on one hand and supporting terrorism on the other. If these scumbags are mortally offended by flute bands I say to the bands to play it loud and proud.

  • Nunoftheabove


    So band parades are in effect protests then ?

    Wouldn’t it be slightly more smart to consider why you were being opposed in the first place rather than to assume that all opposition to your parades in some of these areas was entirely attributable to anti-protestant bigotry and republican propagandists ?

    It’s tremendously arrogant of you to assume that you know what they think when you never ask them and it’s even more obvious that you have no intention of even asking them.

    It’s your failure to regard your fellow citizens as stakeholders in these very public, fairly disruptive and contentious situations which feeds the very mentality that you’re accused of in the first place. You can blether all you like about how it’s just good clean fun and that the bands are misunderstood and deserving of public funding, that it’s a healthy cultural endeavour. Take a moment to hear what you’re saying or at least admit that you really do not give a toss about the rest of us. If you do the latter then frankly you concede the right ever to argue about tolerance and self-respect and leave yourself absolutely wide open to the criticism that contentiously parading where you’re not wanted (and/or least well understood) are the parades you really enjoy the most and that scoring silly sectarian points on territory is ultimately your raison d’être.

    I’m afraid that saying you’ll go where you’re not wanted and play even louder because ‘they’re only terrorist scum anyway so get it right up them’ won’t persuade many of your bone fides on tolerance or on respect.

    If you really don’t care at all about this and that those are just cute buzzwords (along with all the other nice-sounding stuff about conflict-resolution) to help you shake down the public purse for new flutes and drag queen outfits then at least have the integrity to say so and we can have done with these entirely fraudulent lines of argument.

  • between the bridges

    gee a slogan on a wall wow! (KILLROY WUZ ERE) the things people are predisposed to be offended by….LOL

  • BloodThunder

    Nunoftheabove, band parades are not protests. It is a comparison I made purely because our culture is treated as political whenever in reality politics isn’t the main factor. I do regard my fellow citizens, but I do not regard a large portion of these protesters who are as bigoted as you claim bands are. Don’t assume I’ve never engaged with people who don’t like band parades either. I do believe that some contentious areas should be looked at also and decided whether they are worth the hassle. You cannot presume either that there are areas that want bands and areas that don’t. It isn’t like that. A lot of areas in Northern Ireland are mixed and it would be erroneous to suggest everybody in an area doesn’t want them. Furthermore, there used to be sizeable Protestant populations in places like Ardoyne and Rasharkin before they were driven out by local republicans. Demographics in Northern Ireland is a complex issue.

  • between the bridges

    ok here it is in a nut shell.. is any one offended by an american marching band? no? shock! now the difference is what? all the if’s but’s maybe’s blah blah, doesn’t change the fact the major difference is you chose to be offended… well it’s time to grow up, move on and deal with it end off.

    re the painted wall if i write ‘ac-dc will play it louder’ am i offending mod’s? or are the mod’s choosing to be offended?

  • Nunoftheabove


    “because our culture is treated as political whenever in reality politics isn’t the main factor”

    – That seems to me to be simply a frivolous point. If it isn’t political why are you obsessed with flags, symbols and national colours, why do you sing songs about politics, why does your membership subscribe in its entirety to one form of identity politics etc etc ?

    “You cannot presume either that there are areas that want bands and areas that don’t”

    – Oh I think I can. Do you have access to information on this which isn’t available to me which would enable you to sustain that argument ?

    “A lot of areas in Northern Ireland are mixed and it would be erroneous to suggest everybody in an area doesn’t want them”.

    – I’m not suggesting that; it’s academic to you inasmuch as you simply don’t care what ANY of the citizens think – they’re going to have it put up them by you whether they like it or not. They WILL lie down and take it and good enough for them. If they don’t like it, you say, they’re uppity taigs and terrorists anyway so feck ’em all. “Sure how could they be otherwise ?” is effectively your argument. That’s ultimately what you appear to want me to accept.

    “there used to be sizeable Protestant populations in places like Ardoyne and Rasharkin before they were driven out by local republicans”.

    – Is that why you want to march – because there used to be protestants living there ?! How progressive and grown up is that would you say ? Did all of the protestants living there leave there as a consequence of being forced out ? Is half-truth and mythology a better story than perhaps the more complex reality ?

  • between the bridges

    That seems to me to be simply a frivolous point. If it isn’t political why are you obsessed with flags, symbols and national colours, why do you sing songs about politics, why does your membership subscribe in its entirety to one form of identity politics etc etc ?

    hmmmm sounds like another organization…..

  • Nunoftheabove

    between the bridges

    Perhaps it does. Not one that I’d give any support to though although I remain happy to discuss those also. I have a feeling you might be better at criticising those than you are about defending your own though based on your contribution thus far.

  • between the bridges

    nunoftherothersaboutme, hang ten dude! i find it ironizingly ironic that you accuse others of being what you so clearly are and i am sure others find it amusing that you cannot see it…

  • Nunoftheabove

    between the bridges

    I’m not sure what it is you’re accusing me of not seeing and am, for the moment at least, unclear about what it is that I appear to you to be and appear to you to be accusing others of being.

    One hasn’t yet received any confirmation of others sharing in your sense of amusement but I’m sure we can expect a veritable mistral of obsequious acquiescence with your inanity in early course.

  • between the bridges

    nun, better much better, non feet stamping articulate and almost clever..
    now that your grey cells are working answer me one simple question.. what would you call someone who has a blinkered view of others culture, and constantly attacks that culture…?

  • changeisneeded

    when that culture involves quasi military marches forced through small towns to remind the nationalist population of whos in charge.
    I would call that someone quite right.

  • between the bridges

    cheeseneeded…what do base that on,given that there are thousands of parades any only a few contaigous one’s? it’s the same bands so what is the difference….? get it yet?… no? well what do you think the prime motive for the 30k participants in marching bands is?
    people who practice twice a week, fundraising,play concert’s, march at parades/contest’s and generally give up their time for? solely to annoy the taig’s? (sure what on earth else would it be for? culture/ enjoyment/friends/family/community/history/passion/pride… never?) LMAO
    so as we are only out to stick it up the otherone’s it would appear we are doing rather a poor job of it! get a bit of perspective in your views give some respect and you will received it…otherwise gurn away

  • changeisneeded

    burn the bridges..

    “otherwise gurn away”
    That kind of replicates the text in the photo? similar mindset anyways..

    By saying there are only a few offensive ones is incorrect.
    An serious lot of people genuinely dislike this show of domination and aggression, (comon now, be honest it is all based on taig bashing/ 1690 anyone?).

    Just because people are not blocking streets and protesting these parades does not mean that they do not have a problem with it.
    Rather they are confined to their house scared to protest against it because of the possible repercussions (a lot of them mindful of the past).

    Although it does give something creative to a lot of young people which is good. Music in itself is a great thing. The promise of shiny new instruments and drums courtesy of McCausland must have quite an impact.

    The sad fact is though, that most of these bands and marches are based on pure sectarianism and reminding the taigs of their place. Mob rule (30k you say?), does not make it right.

  • nightrider
  • between the bridges

    cheeseneeded, the sad fact is you are deluding yourself your blind sectarianism to what you chose not to understand and your sweeping ranting statements are of a by gone era ie 1930’s any one for a flute burning..lol

  • changeisneeded

    Burn the Bridges

    Calling me sectarian does not make me think any differently.
    Bygone era.. 1690 what?

    Family friendly festival huh? (but only if your a prod)
    catch yoursel on..

    The world has moved on but the loyalist bands are still stuck in the past. I wonder is there any relation to the poor educational achievements of protestants boys and this 30k band members you mentioned?

  • Mark

    ” I wonder is there any relation to the poor educational achievements of protestants boys and this 30k band members you mentioned ”

    Not the brightest thing in the world to say …….

  • Nunoftheabove

    between the bridges

    “what would you call someone who has a blinkered view of others culture, and constantly attacks that culture”
    Depends what their name was. Let’s cut to the chase though; you’re insisting on defining some if not all of these bands as part of a culture. You’re entitled to do that if you wish. What you’re not entitled to do is expect for that culture the esteem of others who don’t seem to get about that culture what you take for granted about it where you appear to find great difficulty explaining what it is about them that anyone else should esteem about it. saying over and over that it is a culture doesn’t actually say a great deal and of itself doesn’t entitle you to anything. Would you respect the Millwall Bushwhackers just because they told you their way of life represented a culture ? Combat 18 ? SWP ? Islam4UK ? if not, why not ? On what grounds would you differentiate and on what basis would you deny them any of the same rights (or public money) that you claim entitlement to ?

    I personally believe that there is a very great deal about these bands which is unwholesome. That view is widely shared and it’s not restricted to catholics, still less to dissidents or republican propagandists. The onus is most certainly on those who believe that it is a culture worthy of respect to persuade others that they’re wrong, that their misgivings and suspicions about that culture are baseless and that they have entirely misunderstood their intentions, their purpose, their modus operandi and have altogether miscounted on their alleged benefits to society for so long.

    I am or will be very welcoming of explanations as to why I should change my mind on this, I genuinely am. I find it slightly exasperating that this has been an issue for so long within this society and yet to date I have never heard a single reasoned, convincing argument about why I should respect these people’s culture and their so-called right to do what they want where they want to as loudly as they like whenever they like and occasionally give the very strong impression of deriving some enjoyment from other people’s discomfort about them and and alienation from them. That’s behaviour unbecoming but not entirely unknown in obnoxious adolescent youths from broken homes, for grown men to celebrate it as ‘their thing’ and to be claiming some form of entitlement to recognition (and tax dollars) for it requires a much more convincing arugment than that provided so far I’m afraid.

  • Niall

    Between the Bridges –

    Of course the Orange (dis)Order is all about culture/ enjoyment/friends/family/community/history/passion/pride and I’m sure that’s why you and many others enjoy being involved. I’m sure it also gives a sense of importance with otherwise very ordinary people getting to use grand titles like Grand Dragon or Witch Conjurer Extraordinaire and the like. Maybe there is also a little bit of superiority going on, as in, those involved feel like better people, better Christians than other Protestants who are not.

    But, lets just dispense with the bullshit for a minute and acknowledge the fact that marches through Nationalist areas are motivated solely by 100% undiluted, hate fuelled sectarianism. They are NOT your god given right, they are NOT along traditional routes. Marches through Nationalist areas were orchestrated by Chichester-Clarke between 1969 and 1971 to appease a Loyalist community wreaked with fear following the emergence of the IRA and to mask his own weakness of authority and character. So, now, 40 years later, is there really still a need to parade your brand of hate through Nationalist areas?

    And it is hate, in its purist form, directed at Catholicism; and anyone who is Catholic is entitled to feel duly disgusted at such organisations continuing to flaunt this hate through their neighbourhoods, past their homes.

    Its fine on a nice sunny day in Bushmills or Portrush, but its not welcome in the Ardoyne.

  • west-east

    just back in from an overnight meeting with chichester-clarke current replacement.
    the meeting was held in secret bunker under whitehall we have come up with a plan to get up the ardoyne.

    the masons are to distract the protesters the army will fly the orange order to a pre determined place and then its am afraid run like ….. and hope the others dont get back down before the orange get through then sandwhiches back in the shankhill hopeful ladies lol will sort tea

    as well as this supplying a few surface to air missiles to the rebels or are they now loyalist in libya by the british secret service was on the agenda to.
    hold on a min that is happening in this crazy world someone must have remembered the pile he sent hear

    please boys if you chose to engage bands men keep it in some kind of context you just can’t set the agenda any more like this potd it means nothing no more than a guy from man utd painting something about man city being crap or kerry saying they hate the black north when they play gaa

    well this pic its not that it does not matter its just it does not matter anymore….

  • changeisneeded

    @west east
    hahaha very funny

  • between the bridges

    mark ta mo chara thats another pint i owe you in may!

    for those you wish to define my culture….Riamh nár dhruid ó spairn lann, Agus na damnaithe fágtha gan focal Glaoigh ormsa i measc na naomh

    culture as per oxford dictionary… the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively:

    2 the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people
    bigot [ˈbɪgət]
    a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race

    re topic
    People often ask me of what race I am,
    I simply answer ‘human” I suppose,
    I’ve got two eyes, two ears
    a mouth and a nose.

    I’ve got a brain to think I’m not dead
    a heart and soul that longs for what’s ahead,
    I ‘ve got hair on my body
    but no I’m not a chimp,
    I am just a human being
    or at least that’s what I think.

    I’ve got two arms and legs
    so I can grab and walk,
    sometimes I just write words
    when I don’t wanna talk.

    And If you are wondering
    just what color I am,
    A shade of this or that
    whatever color is man.

    And as far as for a creed,
    this is my one belief,
    It’s more of a motto
    “Live and let live.”

    AN To be a racist is to be a bigot,
    for If I remember correctly,
    we were all created equal
    in the eyes of God.

    go figure…..

    ps excuse me for offending the already offended.. i look forward to the shared future where all prods get the ferry..
    Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat, Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

  • Niall

    Thanks Between The Bridges for avoiding the questions posed. You’re clearly more philosophically inclined than many of us have been led to believe. Perhaps you should consider the Royal Black as an outlet to express your particular cultural penchants. Would I be right in thinking they are the more morally superior and ultimately sectarian of the Orders? If I’m wrong, please excuse me, we Catholics are not well learned in the mysterious workings of the Lodge. Perhaps due in no small part to the Laugh Out Louds being predisposed to hating us as a matter of principle. But hate in the guise of culture, surely that’s better than no culture at all, would that be about right BTB?

  • between the bridges

    nail, funny how you demand answers to your question’s, yet you give no reply to any questions..? anyway just this once i will indulge you, and as me wee ma always says ‘ask a stupid question get a’….prods are not well versed in the morally superior and ultimately sectarian GAA Perhaps due in no small part to the Grab All Asses being predisposed to hating us as a matter of principle. But hate in the guise of culture, surely that’s better than no culture at all, would that be about right nail?

  • Nunoftheabove

    between the bridges

    So while admitting that you have no understanding of the GAA you presume to know that they’re predisposed to hating ‘you’.

    You’ve been asked and challenged to defend your own self-identitifcation as a culture in order to challenge any prejudice others may have about it and address any significant understanding. You’ve noticeably failed to do so. I can’t help but wonder why.

  • Niall

    Between the bridges,

    Its Niall, not Nail. Thanks.

    I can’t really be bothered replying to you to be honest. GAA used to have sectarian rules re: employees of the crown but thankfully they’ve given that up. Sad to say the same is impossible with the Lodge; hating Catholics being one of the foundational tennants of the organisation and all.

    Interesting that you always atack the GAA as opposed to say Republicanism in general. Why? Is it because Republicanism is not inheritantly sectarian? Heres a list of some Protestant hating Republicans as examples: Henry Joy McCraken, Wolfe Tone, James Napper Tandy. Thomas Russell, Robert Emmet.

    Oh, sorry, that should have read Protestant Republicans, not protestant hating.

    Anywho, I’m tired and rambling a bit. Bye, and spell my name right in future, thanks. Love ya x

  • between the bridges

    nail..i think you will find that quite a few catholic (unionist/imperialist/whataboutery added here), died in the service of their country, fact remembered by the many battle honor’s displayed by marching bands as part of their cultural heritage.

    i do draw comparison to grab all association because whatever it’s faults i recognize its cultural and social standing in a part of our community. it is long past time for that part of our community to respect other cultures.

    nail.. i do not draw comparison with republicans because unlike you i can actually determinate between paramilitary and culture

  • between the bridges

    nunoftherothersaboutme….yet again your own words ‘You’ve been asked and challenged to defend your own self-identitifcation as a culture in order to challenge any prejudice others may have about it and address any significant understanding. You’ve noticeably failed to do so. I can’t help but wonder why’….

    try practicing what ya preach old bean lmao

  • Niall

    Thanks Between the Bridges for the clarification. Perhaps your enlightened view of the world may lead one day to your becoming the next Ronnie Bunting. I for one certainly hope so. See you in 2016 for the centenary celebrations.

  • between the bridges

    nail. unlike yourself i have no need to wish a Humphrey VIII de Bohun outcome to you, and yes mate i look forward to seeing you in Flanders….

    The sun’s shining down on these green fields of France;
    The warm wind blows gently, and the red poppies dance.
    The trenches have vanished long under the plow;
    No gas and no barbed wire, no guns firing now.
    But here in this graveyard that’s still No Man’s Land
    The countless white crosses in mute witness stand
    To man’s blind indifference to his fellow man.
    And a whole generation who were butchered and damned.

  • Niall

    Could you give us a bit of an insight into the lodge BTB? Like a bit of a diary. What do you do at the lodge? Is it a bit like a prayer session, like a really boring mass? In all sincerity, because I’m never going to get the chance to see for myself.