POTD – The Baritone Busker

Quare set of lungs on this fella who was blasting out operatic songs without the aid of an amp. The busker who is normally here uses as amp to murder classic songs such as Cash’s ‘I walk the line’. I’d take this fella every time. I’ve seen him in the past sing smile inducing cover versions of Elvis in a deep baritone voice. I’d hazard a guess to say that he is classically trained.

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    Me and the daughter walked past him last week. at first we thought there must have been some hidden cameras. he seemed too good to be singing on the street.

  • Yup he really is very very good

  • aquifer

    Yep that electric guitar busker was a serial classic tune killer, relentlessly driving the musical life out of great songs by much better artists with scarce a pause for breath or cigarette.

    Go Mr Soprano

  • Memo to self:

    Relatively new blocks, not too much of fallaway, little street furniture, high footfall.Time to dig up.

    B. Rubble. Streetworks Dept.BCC.