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  • mylesgee

    Is it a chess piece?

  • Ceist

    The bollards in writers square?

  • No and no…..it’s a ubiquitous sign meaning there are a number of these dotted around NI

  • Hedley Lamarr

    Is it a tourist sign noting nearby sites in walking area? eg. university, park, museum?

  • Fraid not……..it’s really for local law biding citizens( till they get caught perhaps)

  • Could be a sign indicating ‘Duelling Here’ or ‘Beware of Politicians Speaking Out of Both Sides of the Mouth’.

  • ForkHandles

    Is it a sign telling you how to get to Easter Island?

  • So it’s a sign
    there are more than one of them
    dotted around NI
    so perhaps a better question is
    What’s it a sign for?

  • Munsterview

    Trial logo for Alliance Party ?

  • It seems i have stumped you all….any takers ?