Increased security measures for Londonderry courthouse

Following last month’s attempted car bomb at the courthouse in Londonderry, the BBC reports

Increased security measures are to be installed at the courthouse in Londonderry after an attempted bomb attack on the building last month.

More than 120 bollards will be placed on the footpath outside the court, stretching from the city walls to St. Columb’s Court.

Similar measures have already been put in place at the Strand Road police station in the city.

Road closures have been ordered elsewhere and we’ve seen the further extension of the Non-Jury Trial system.

That’s the return of the militants for you…

Meanwhile the Chief Constable, Matt Baggott, an advocate of post-bureaucratic policing, has launched his election campaign 10 commitments by the PSNI to increase accountability

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  • Alf


    In terms of effort this current republican campaign probably rates alongside Operation Harvest in the fifties. The security response however is totally muted in comparison. These days the powers that be seem to prefer to rely on intelligence and undercover work rather than having an overt security presence.

  • Cynic2

    Post bureaucratic? My backside.

    So who will be paying for all these officers / Civilians to phone up the public and ask them how the officer dealt with their complaint? And what does that mean? What will it actually deliver? What will it cost?

    And pity the poor policeman/woman who’s posted to a hard inner city area where many of the victims may themselves be mad, bad or dangerous to know. Will he/she now be denied promotion because they are not in leafy South Belfast or Sleepy Fermanagh?

    And in any case, this is so 1960’s quality CONTROL management culture. If its coming off the production line broken have a guy there with a big hammer to bang it back into some sort of shape, The whole concept of getting it right first time every time seems to have passed PSNI by.

    And perhaps above all, why the hell isn’t the Policing Board with all its staff and resources and budget, asking these sort of questions.

  • Munsterview

    Alf : ” In terms of effort this current republican campaign probably rates alongside Operation Harvest in the fifties….”

    Really ?

  • separatesix

    Bollards won’t make enough any difference, all this scaling back of security has been premature just look what happened when Clifton street orange hall removed it’s railings it wasn’t long before republican backwoods men daubed their refurbished building in paint, though that’s mild compared to a bomb.

  • Alf


    It’s roughly comparable don’t you think? A couple of own goals would be needed to be a real mirror image of course.

  • pippakin

    Increased security is the inevitable result of increased risk, some will go straight into protest mode, others will be salivating at the thought of successfully causing such inconvenience. Its all so predictable….

  • Munsterview

    Alf : “It’s roughly comparable don’t you think? A couple of own goals would be needed to be a real mirror image of course…..”

    No ! Both campaigns are poles apart in terms of ideology, outlook, war material, numbers of activists, support base for activity etc. Of course to some of a planter outlook a wood kern is a wood kern, is a wood kern etc and in the simplicity of their historical analysis there is no essential difference between an armed Jacobite outside the Walls of Derry centuries ago and a present day armed Republican in the hills of West Tyrone.

    There is a much bigger picture here, the so called dissidents for better or worse are significant players with a capacity to seriously impact on and influence the mainstream political arena. The main players for their own reasons are attempting to diminish or dismiss their importance in a propaganda war for ideas, ideologies, minds and hearts, in the local, provencial, National and International community, but the amount of war material uncovered or abandoned in the past year alone indicates some of the true millitary capacity of the organizations concerned and reality of the situation.

    We have had a recent thread about ‘Unionist elephants In the room’ . There are a few more elephants in other rooms that have had also to be ignored in the ‘ artificial attempt to make an artificial state’ work. All the contradictions start with this pragmatism or dishonesty depending on the perspectives of the commentators concerned.

    I am at personally at this point supporting the mainstream Republican view and analysis as to how the unity agenda can be advanced and Republican objectives achieved. This approach has its limitations and restrictions and consequently is not supported by other sections of Republicanism or Nationalism.

    That is politics. I have made my own personal position clear in my support for Sinn Fein. However I do also acknowledge and as a historian, explain these other Republican and Nationalists viewpoints and let the cards fall where they will.

    I would have thought that most Unionist supporters here would welcome insights and explanations of non mainstream Republican activities, but it appears that some cannot also differentiate between a stance of explanation and one of active support.

    There is a way forward, it is an imperfect, cumbersome, messy, political fudge but in the words of Churchill ” Jaw, jaw is better than war, war’!

    Meanwhile we have MI5, MI6, Seventeen & a half or whatever up to their same if somewhat scaled back antics, but dedicated to the same goals, that of preserving British Rule in Ireland and advancing British interests on this Island. While that activity and all that it entails is ongoing, then there will be a Republican reaction against it and part of that reaction will involve armed force.

    That is part of the political reality and political legacy on this island and shooting the messenger for the message they impart will not change that reality one iota other than confirming to those who hold these views that there is no ‘tolerance or talking’ with the ‘other side’ who do not want to understand or appreciate their position.