NI Secretary of State Orders Road Closure at Army Base

The BBC reports that the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, has used “his executive power” to order the closure of a section of the Shore Road at the Ballykinler Army Base following a security review by the PSNI.  From the BBC report

About 200m of the road has been closed off, following what was described as a “security review” carried out by the PSNI.

Local residents were consulted before the plan was implemented, including two households that were directly affected.

Part of the road was closed previously for a period during the Troubles.

An NIO spokesperson said: “The closure begins just beyond the entrance of the dwelling closest to the base.”

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  • Rory Carr

    Of course a surefire way to remove the security threat and ensure that local people can enjoy this beautiful natural amenity would be for the army to shut down the base and go back to Britain in readiness to protect the good citizenry there from whatever evil attacks threaten them – the Conservative/LibDem coalition (the TaLibCon) being the most immediate threat.

  • bob

    Rory thats a bit rough… He has closed it illegally . (exucutive power) . What power sec 44 was recinded dont you know .It will go back to some power or law that goes back to partition. what next border roads!!!!! I am sure some of sluggers readers can explain the fine detail or legal Jargon on what basis he can do this.I am all ears as they say!!!

  • It sounds distressingly permanent but since it is a road I suppose it can be reopened whenever as it has in the past.

    Is this any way to win the peace. Sometimes I think we will never learn.

  • Driftwood

    Unfortunately it means some of us can no longer gather cockles down at that part of Dundrum Bay. But a day spent on the excellent firing ranges on the camp is good for the soul Rory. And it’s £1.50 a pint in the NAAFI and Sandes.

    Can remember some excellent evenings at RAF Bishopscourt as well Rory, surely you can too?

  • socaire

    Some days it rains and some days it doesn’t. But I’m sure we all wish that the rain will be wet and help the plants to grow. Sometimes I think the rain is too wet but maybe we need some rain in our lives.

  • TheHorse

    Obviously the residents have no problem with it, so who cares really ! Unless you’re suggesting that somethings going on. If so get it outta you.

  • TheHorse

    Surely whats going on is the same as ever, hopefully this is just an abundance of caution.

    A little shiinner sheep in the rain, but not unless he has the rest of the flock for cover. The rest of us just use an umbrella.

  • TheHorse

    Thats what overlords do Pippakin, whatever they want, they care for no laws. Maybe its about this “Terrorists will attack Britain in revenge for invading Afghanistan, former cricket legend Imran Khan has warned”. Or maybe its concerning the lamenting being done over the Wickileaks revelations concerning Afganistan.

  • TheHorse

    Who can tell, but I suspect if it is fear of terror attack the terrorists are closer to home. Seems they are not that special anymore.

    Wikileaks was interesting, who’d have thought so much ‘stuff’ would go missing, someone said it was binned and obviously retrieved. Probably at some stage Taliban off shoots will attack the Brits, but somehow I doubt they will aim for the north.

  • Driftwood

    A quare history of the camp.

    3 Rifles now the residents of Abercorn Barracks. Shitty posting. The training camp, Special Forces block ‘The Hollow’ and the main training area and playing fields are class though. England trained on the pitches pre-’66.
    The firing ranges best in Europe. Range 14 (Moving Target) is considered tops by the army.
    otherwise Tyrella beach and the Mournes are the only consolations…

  • Cynic

    But SF agreed that our Army can remain – after all its now their Army too

  • tavanisos

    it will ensure that local people can enjoy this beautiful natural amenity .

  • kells

    It is closing in the near future.The night training is a good craic to watch with all the flares hanging in the night sky.There is talk of the site being bought and turned into a Gaeltacht,a great spot.