Strand Road security upgrade: “the correct, necessary and proportionate thing to do”

The BBC reports an increase in security measures at the Strand Road police station in Londonderry in response to a “severe threat” .  The station has been the target of bomb attacks twice this year.

From the BBC report

Bollards have been erected outside Strand Road police station in Londonderry to protect the building from attack by dissident republicans.

Parking spaces adjacent to the station have also been removed, and replaced with a steel barricade.

District Commander Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin said it was in response to a “severe threat”.

He also said it was “the correct, necessary and proportionate thing to do”.

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  • slappymcgroundout

    Pete, this is why all that talk of some needing to get realistic re the monies coming from London was misplaced. The harder economically it gets for some, the easier the recruiting will be for some others. In other words, there’s a reason why the heart of the movement was in the ghettoes of Belfast and Derry.

    Lastly, on a related note, maybe some shouldn’t be so hard on Gerry for failure to improve his environs. The worse off they are, the more likely it is that they will yearn for something/somewhere else. In contrast, you all wishing to preserve your Union might instead give them a reason to stay (so maybe Peter can make the improvement of the Falls, etc., his mantra and mission). And you can look at it this way, whose business premises did some blow up? So the greater the share of Irish Catholic business premises, the lesser percentage of business premises as bombing targets (would rather help if there is a mix and not a segregation). Another reason, by the way, why the call for end of mandatory recruitment of Irish Catholics for the PSNI is a mistake, i.e., the more there are, the less some others of their “own kind” will view them as collaborators or stooges (as the one Spanish teacher at my high school was fond of saying, when a student pointed out the diff between the Spanish of Spain versus Mexico, 100 million Mexicans can’t be wrong)(as compared to the 50 million in Spain).

  • st etienne

    so – don’t take the money away from Belfast|Derry ‘ghettoes’ (looked alright last time I seen them) or else we’ll all get blown up.

    Ballot box in one hand dissident in the other offers no better future than the previous bright idea.

  • slappymcgroundout

    You don’t take money from the Shankill either, unless, of course, you wish to see more drug-dealing, prostitution, smuggling, and protection rackets. Of course, you’re undoubtedly the “law and order” type and so you don’t see that their place in the illegal economy is in lieu of their not having a place in the legal economy. For your next lesson, which was implied by my initial post, simply consider the reality that the haves have never made revolution. You might ask the dissies who the Irish Catholic collaborators have always been…the haves among them.