A quick round-up…

Londonderry courthouse is the target of a car-bomb consisting of 50kg of home-made explosives packed into a beer keg and described as a “substantial viable device”

British Army technical officers carried out a number of controlled explosions on the device during Sunday night.  They’ve also carried out a controlled explosion on a small suspicious object found behind a west Belfast GAA club on Monday afternoon after a claim that a device had been left in the area. [Adds – now described as “a small hand-held explosive device”]

And RTÉ report that “Gardaí are investigating possible dissident republican involvement in the shooting of three people in a public park in Dublin yesterday morning.”

Adds  And today, Tuesday, there’s a major security operation in the Oldpark area of north Belfast.

Update From the UTV report on the Oldpark alert

PSNI Superintendant Amanda Cooke said police have to take every precaution in such a built-up area.

“This is a major operation – we need to go in and see what we’re dealing with here. 

“Experience has shown us that these calls come in and they’re not substantiated. We need to look and see if there’s something here.

“We have experience in this area of secondary devices and other traps being left for police and we need to ensure that everyone is safe when they’re moving in.”