Photograph of the Day – Play me I’m Yours

One of 10 pianos left around the city centre as part of artist Luke Jerram's world wide project Play me I'm Yours.

The 10 pianos have been painted/pimped/decorated by local artists. This lovely(whimsical)  project is part of Craft NI craft month. In the last 2 days i have rounded corners to hear unexpected music including a group of around 10 or so singing along to contemporary songs as one of their friends played the tunes (very very well it has to be said).

Pianos are located at City Hall, Commercial Court (Duke of York), Cotton Court, Cornmarket sculpture (monstrosity), Rosemary St (First Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church), Linenhall Library entrance, North Street (see photograph), St.Annes Square, Royal Ave (beside The Reform Club) and Writers Square.