ETA suspect refused bail

The BBC reports today’s court appearance of suspected ETA terrorist Fermin Vila Michelena, who was arrested in Belfast on Thursday.  According to his barrister, Michelena has been living in Belfast under an assumed name since 2007.  From the BBC report The barrister accepted his client, who lived alone at a flat in north Belfast, was using an assumed name. But he claimed this was to avoid detection from the Spanish authorities and persecution for his beliefs. “He has long admired the ongoing … Read more

Suspected ETA terrorist arrested in Belfast

RTÉ reports that the Spanish interior ministry has identified a 40-year-old man arrested in Belfast on Thursday, under terrorism legislation in a joint operation between the PSNI and Spanish police, as Fermin Vila Michelena.  From the BBC report Michelena is a suspected member of the armed Basque separatist group ETA and wanted in Spain for a number of attacks. The Spanish interior ministry said he was the subject of three arrest warrants. The ministry said he was part of ETA’s Madrid cell … Read more

Army makes safe substantial viable device in South Armagh

A three day security alert in Keady, south Armagh, ended today with Army technical officers making safe a reported 160lb bomb.  Police believe a fire started in the area on Sunday morning was an attempt to lure officers into an ambush.  In February there was a failed improvised mortar attack on the police station in Keady. From the RTÉ report At a press facility today, Area Commander Chief Inspector Ken Mawhinney said that those responsible were intent on killing or causing serious … Read more

Security situation in Foyle deteriorating

Police in Londonderry are already second-guessing emergency calls, now the PSNI commander in Foyle has told the BBC that the security situation in the district is deteriorating. Commander Chris Yates said the threat in the district was “severe”, and had been for “a long time” . “Severe means that an attack is highly likely and the figures bear that out,” he said. “In 2008/09 there were 28 terrorists offences within G District. Last year there was 106. We are on … Read more

NI curriculum now includes lessons from ex-terrorists…

THE Education Minister snuck this press release out in the news graveyard of a Friday afternoon, but I think it’s worth highlighting, as it will probably provoke strong reactions one way or the other. A new resource for local schools entitled, ‘From Prison to Peace: Building on Experience’, has been launched. The resource, “which has been developed by a partnership of community and former prisoner groups from all sides of the community, provides a range of interesting, challenging and informative … Read more

London shuts down…

Given I was in London only yesterday (thus the pacity of blogging from me) this morning’s news has a greater shock value. Now it seems the tube network is effectively closing down. The death toll is likely to rise during the day, but current estimates are about 20. It appears at least one bus has been ripped apart in Russell Square. It looks like a co-ordinated attack on London’s transport infrastructure. Up-date: We’re hearing via the BBC that all public … Read more