Explosion reported in south Armagh

From the BBC report

Police are investigating reports of an explosion in south Armagh.

It happened at about 1700 BST on Sunday Saturday between Belleek and Cullyhanna.

The explosion is believed to have happened at a bridge on Carrickrovaddy Road. At this stage, there are no reports of any injuries.

Update RTÉ report adds 

A bomb has exploded on the Carrickavaddy Road, between Newtown Hamilton and Whitecross in south Armagh this evening.

It is believed it was a roadside bomb, placed in a culvert.

There are no reports of any injuries.

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  • South-armagh

    I live on the road. Medium size hole. Police not around for 1hr afterwards. Exact same spot 5 soldiers killed in 80s

  • And someone not too far away was, no doubt, gleefully waiting to hear the death toll.

  • mimi

    police have not turned up at all!!!! 5 hrs later!!! so how r the police ‘investigating the matter further’???? i live on the road

  • Gareth

    Best. Bomb. Ever. Tiocfaidh ar pointless.

  • Cynic

    Wee bang. Large Pot Hole in road. Police are looking into it.

    I don’t live on the road – thank God.

    PS I wonder will they do a special South Armagh feature on Neighbours from Hell _ here’s Sean – he’s a local hero and blows up the roads (and you if you happen to be passing). Then just down the road there’s Tom – he brews home-made diesel in his garage poisoning the water and killing all the fish – but he’ll sell it to you for 5p a litre less than the normal price, so that’s OK.

  • Reader

    mimi: police have not turned up at all!!!! 5 hrs later!!! so how r the police ‘investigating the matter further’???? i live on the road
    Five hours. You could have had it filled in by now. Unless it was booby trapped. So you may want to take your time, too.

  • NR

    Booby trapped LOL

    It showed a clip on the news of locals out having a nosey at the bomb site, peering into the crater plus a BBC crew were actually in the crater filming. There wasnt a cop in sight you couldnt even hear a chopper,

    You can watch the clip here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/northern_ireland/10588031.stm

  • Alan maskey

    Ah yes. The five occupation troops executed after Ray McCreesh’ murder. Wonder what those like McGuinness and Adams will say of the resonance.

  • Mrazik

    There goes Conor Murphy’s road repair budget.

  • sdelaneys

    oh no he won’t,he’ll sell it to a ‘reputable’ filling station who’ll charge you full price and not tell you the stuff may harm your engine and you’ll be wondering why your mileage is so poor and meanwhile Sean’ll buy another house or two and his mp will complain on his behalf when the powers that be have the cheek to ask poor Sean where he got all the money and he living on disability for 30 years. God bless our sainted people, the salt of the earth and the pride of the world, sure who’s like us?.

  • sdelaneys

    No, that was Chancellor’s Road outside Newry.

  • sdelaneys

    Plenty of helicopter work in the area now.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Difficult to know what the proper response to this is.

    “IRA still active……end of civilisation as we know it” will only really work as a headline if and when a tragedy actually occurs …despite some longing to write that story.

    “Republican heroes deal hammer blow to British Occupation” …..well that doesnt exactly work either….despite some longer to write it.

    Id prefer to go with “bunch of useless no marks inconvenience a few people”.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    The scumbags are at it again, inanely planting bombs and trying to murder folk.

    It’s a ludicrous sort of an ideology who’s goal is to ‘unite’ a people and country by murdering a section of that people. This can only have the opposite effect ….. by driving the wedge in deeper and deeper between the people continuing the division. Maybe that is really there intentions.

    Any ‘pseudo republican’ half-wits here want to explain.