“We’re here to give you your area back…”

There was an attempted punishment shooting in the Falls Road area of west Belfast last Thursday – 4 men and a 16 year old boy have been charged.  Yesterday an 18 year old was shot in both legs after he was abducted by four masked men, also in the Falls Road area.

Meanwhile the Irish News reported today that

More than 40 members of dissident republican group Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) are believed to have been involved in attacks in the troubled St James’s area of west belfast.

Cars were vandalised and two men assaulted when local people say masked and armed men “took over the area” for up to an hour on Tuesday night.

Sources also say several members of a teenage gang accused of antisocial behaviour have fled after being warned their lives are under threat by the group.  People in the area say that at least two of the men claiming to be from ONH were armed with handguns.

One woman, who did not wish to be named said she confronted the men.  She said that when she asked what they were doing bring[ing] guns into St James’s she was told: “We’re here to give you your area back.”

The Irish News report adds

A police spokesman said officers had received no reports about the incidents on Tuesday night.  Jim Auld from the group Community Restorative Justice said it was aware of the attacks by ONH.  He confirmed that it had been approached by one youth who had been told to leave the area by dissident republicans.

Jim Auld doesn’t say whether “different well-known people in the community” visited the youth – to “be seen going in and out of the house. Just showing community support.”

All of which reminded me of this recent post by Splintered Sunrise

For the moment we’ll take a short break from matters ecclesiastical in favour of more local subject matter, for the Andersonstown News has been hilarious lately. This specifically has to do with a little fraying at the edges of Gerry’s kingdom. Don’t get me wrong, the para-state of republican Belfast retains its one-party system by popular demand, but the Provos have been experiencing a few headaches recently, and smaller forces have begun to get a bit more assertive.

Read the whole thing.

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  • West Sider

    Interesting story.

    I hear that long suffering locals weren’t happy with this latest intrusion and many feel a fake war is being played out by the dissies and their lumpenproletariat fellow travellers to take control.

    Either way, it would have been instructive for this blog to include quotes from the ATN story, rather than carry an opinion from an anonymous blogger who hasn’t set foot in the area.

    That quote was that some of those who came in to ‘free’ the area were there very recently, a few weeks ago in fact, goading their now enemy underclass on in their sectarian rioting at Broadway.

    Also, some of those who came in to liberate have sons who are the worst anti-social elements in this area.

    That would have been useful information to Slugger regulars and would have given a fuller picture of what is going on.

    However, this blog seems to think that the ATN, which is actually, er, in west Belfast is to be ignored in favour of anonymous bloggers living miles away.

    I’ll leave that, just there, for more discerning contributors to reflect on, digest, and then comment.

  • Pete Baker

    Anonymous commenter complains about anonymous blogger…

    Splintered linked the ATN reports, West Sider.

    Hence the “Read the whole thing”.

    And then there are the more recent attempted punishment shootings…

  • West Sider

    Didn’t read it, but take issue with gloat by SS over the hardships endured by people in west Belfast.

    Subtext in all of this: they deserve it.

    Maybe in 20 years bloggers like that will have a peace process of their own with regard to residents of WB.

  • Pete Baker

    “Didn’t read it”


  • West Sider

    ADDS: And get over their hatred of that community as much as many in the South, the Deep South, got over their hatred of those trouble-making ‘coloreds’ and the annoying people they kept electing.

    Or maybe they’ll wake up one morning to the fact that their smugness is really an outward expression of a dislocation in themselves which just loathes working class communities, but really can’t bring themselves to rain their ire down on thos in closer proximity.

    Better to do it by hiding under the cloak of anti-SF mainstream discourse – and just sniff and poke at people trying to live their lives and being tortured and tormented by ne’er do wells.

    So long as you can afford a pop at the political representatives and say, without any trace of shame, hell slap it up em.

    Still, he’s in good company. And why shouldn’t he do it when there’s good money to be made if ever the mainstream press in the (deep) South pick up on it.

  • West Sider

    Have now.


  • Rhinestone Cowboy

    West Sider: the Splintered Sunrise article seems to have left you very rattled. Most of your rant constitutes an ad hominem attack.

  • old school

    Proletariat? Unashamedly Yes.
    Lumpen? Evidently no.

  • Oracle


    You speak with some authority on the plight of west Belfast, and you obviously know a lot about the Paramilitary groupings in West Belfast as you know them so well that you even know their relatives and what their relatives get up too.

    Although it is extremely encouraging to see someone like your good self nail their colours to the Peace-process mast with such gusto, I must admit I’m interested do you practice what you preach?

    1) Do you support the P.S.N.I?

    1a) if yes, have you informed the P.S.N.I of any of the information that you are aware of?

    1b) if no could you explain why not?

    You speak of these people’s sons being the worst anti-social elements in the area and state it as if it was something new.

    Being such an expert on West Belfast paramilitaries you should have known that sons of members of Sinn Fein and the P.I.R.A have been kneepcapped for Rape, Joyriding, Burglary, Biting ears and noses off and armed robbery.
    Okay I fully understand that that list isn’t as serious as scrawling a name on a wall and being drunk in a street but I can see where you’re coming from, but more importantly where you are going.

    Westsider when you’re compiling your intel sheet for the P.S.N.I the Andersonstown News or just a Slugger thread you shouldn’t fail to omit the biggest drug dealer in West Belfast who handles more Coke than the UVF and the UFF put together has openly bragged that “Mickey Mooney was Mickey-Mouse compared to him” and is the son of a very senior member of the Provo’s and seems to operate with impunity.
    His father a high profile republican who is so wealthy his property wealth is counted in Tens of millions and has set up trust funds for children and grandchildren and business funds with solicitors in order that as the peace process wanes in the coming decades and the taxman stops turning a blind eye then he’ll still be the richest man in West Belfast if he’s still living there and not moved to the Malone.

  • Oracle

    Oh I nearly forgot about the Connolly-House regular who makes countless trips to an apartment in Stockmans way for the abuse of very young Albanian sex-slaves, he’s a real pillar of the community isn’t he?

  • Dec

    From Splintered Sunrise:

    “Au contraire, it looks very much as if the alternative to the Provos controlling the streets is the hoods controlling the streets.”

    Spot on, there.

  • A N Other

    How long until we see the long awaited night of the long knives?

    It cannot escape notice, that the actions of the dissident groups continually involve the exploitation and abuse of minors.

    One wonders how many paedophiles lurk in their ranks, alongside the state agents…?

  • Hedley Lamarr

    Oracle- The coke dealer and the brothel you speak of must be of interest to the PSNI.

  • Mr Crowley

    The paedos, if there are any, are most likely also state agents. Just look at the perversionals for proof.

  • Mr Crowley

    Why Hedley, are the people who know and also sit on DPPs not telling them then? There have been many reports of a well known N Belfast cocaine kingpin enjoying and paying for a very cosy relationship with senior PRM members.

  • Hedley Lamarr

    I don’t know if people who sit on DPPs know or if they do if they are telling the PSNI. Anybody who knows should be telling them. I know it’s only hearsay but until there is other evidence you have to start somewhere. If people are threatened because they give correct information to the PSNI about brothels and drug-dealers it would be despicable, indefensible, and a quick route to more and more of the same sort of crimes. Is that the new Republic?

  • Mr Crowley

    ‘The new Republic’ what a joke! What we have seen in the shinner transformation is the establishment of a new 6 county gombín class to rival their Fianna Fáil equivalents in the 26C; with all the corruption, profiteering and paedo enablement that goes with it.

  • Ní Dhuibhir

    Meanwhile, Cameron calls for local volunteers to be involved in policing, with zero awareness of the lessons our Wee Society offers on the subject.

  • Cynic

    Makes a change from wee girls

  • Cynic

    Isnt all this normality so refreshing!!!!

  • TheHorse

    Anyone who believes anything that is published in the ATN is deluded with headlines akin to what you would see on the front pages of the english tabloids. Sinn Fein is exploiting the whole situation in St James for their own political gain, why didn’t Gerry and Bobby etc not come down to St James and show their support for the local community when all this was going on. I suppose it was because there was no TV cameras there as its not like the local Sinn Fein councillor didn’t hype things up to draw the media in. What exactly have they done for the youth of St James and West Belfast as a whole, money has been invested or was supposed to be, but all we seem to have is plenty of Social clubs, bars and tourist attractions, what and where is the local youth supposed to do and go in their spare time with no jobs or money.

  • Granni Trixie

    I have difficulty interpreting the post for what it is saying about CRJ. Anybody know?

  • West Sider

    In answer to your questions;

    a) Completely.
    b) No, because like the information I’ve provided hereis based on conversations with people who live in the area. It isn’t hard evidence, it is the word on the street. And given the rest of your post, something which you’re happy to take as fact, but sadly not much for the police to go on.
    c) see above.

    You seem to be in possession of far more information than me, and reading between the lines, you seem to despise Sinn Fein so why wouldn’t you make this damaging information available to the PSNI? Or the press?

    Interested to hear your answer given what you’ve tried – and failed – to accuse me of.

  • West Sider


    Should read:

    b) No, because the information I’ve provided here is based on conversations with people who live in the area. It isn’t hard evidence, it is the word on the street. And given the rest of your post you are not averse to taking even more outlandish claims from the street as fact. Sadly, what people tell me, although plausible, is not hard evidence. And I reckon the police are aware of it anyway.

  • Hedley Lamarr

    West Sider- You are absolutely right to say that the information many people post are often rumours. In fact a lot of stories printed in newspapers are often rumours also so I wouldn’t trust the press to test their authenticity. Many people might distrust the PSNI in their role to test the accuracy of such stories but who else is there?

  • Pete Baker


    I’m not ‘saying’ anything about CRJ.

    I’m just noting what their previous response was, as told to Radio 4, to alleged non-mainstream republican threats to individuals in the area.

  • Reader

    Ní Dhuibhir: Meanwhile, Cameron calls for local volunteers to be involved in policing, with zero awareness of the lessons our Wee Society offers on the subject.
    If Cameron starts to suggest the local volunteers should be masked and armed you will be sure to remind us of your warning, won’t you?

  • old school

    The Andersonstown News described the PSNI as “armed servants of the Crown” in April/May of this year in an editorial.
    This is despite receiving funds from H.M and calling on it’s readership to supports said “armed servants of the Crown.”
    They have zero credibility.