Army makes safe substantial viable device in South Armagh

A three day security alert in Keady, south Armagh, ended today with Army technical officers making safe a reported 160lb bomb.  Police believe a fire started in the area on Sunday morning was an attempt to lure officers into an ambush.  In February there was a failed improvised mortar attack on the police station in Keady. From the RTÉ report

At a press facility today, Area Commander Chief Inspector Ken Mawhinney said that those responsible were intent on killing or causing serious injury to police officers.

He said ‘We now believe that this device has been at this location since Saturday evening.

‘We initially received a call at 12.30am during the early hours of Sunday morning from a member of the public who said a section of fencing had been set alight in a field near his home.

‘It was dealt with by the fire & rescue service however we believe that the fire may have been started maliciously in an effort to lure police into the area.

‘We then received information about a call made to a local business premises in Keady on Monday evening to state that a device had been left near a border area.

‘We began investigating however due to the non-specific detail of the location, we did not find anything suspicious.

‘A report was then received on Tuesday morning that a local farmer had located a suspect device on a laneway on the Castleblayney Road.

‘The area was immediately cordoned off on both sides of the border and nearby homes evacuated. ATO was tasked and this device has now been made safe.’