“Unfortunately, experience has demonstrated..”

A “viable mortar-type device” has been made safe by Army technical officers in a security alert following reports of an abandoned van near a police station in Keady, south Armagh, this morning. And the BBC report adds

SDLP mayor Thomas O’Hanlon said a van was abandoned at about 0625 GMT, but said police did not cordon off the area until a number of hours later. He said: “This junction is a busy cross-border route and it is not acceptable that cars were driving past what is a potential security risk.”

[Chief Inspector Ken] Mawhinney, who is Armagh area commander, said they had to “consider the safety, not only of the community, but also of my officers”. “Unfortunately, experience has demonstrated that criminal terrorist elements have used the cover of similar incidents to lure police into this area with the express intention of murdering police officers,” he added.