Red C Poll: Dip for independents, but all parties pretty much as they were…

So here’s the latest poll in the south. In my reading there’s not a lot of change, but perhaps a slight hardening upwards of the government parties fortunes.

Independent/others 27% (-3); Fine Gael 26% (+2); Sinn Féin 21% (-); Fianna Fáil 17% (-1) & Labour 9% (+2)

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.42.27

No real change from the last time this poll was taken, but you’ve got to think that with the economic climate is starting to shift perceptively, there must be some play for government parties coming. The Central Statistics Office yesterday had some ddecent news on the last quarter.

And of course, Sinn Fein’s support, as ever, holding steady despite the McGahon story.