Anna Lo to step down before the next Assembly elections

And she’s citing racism as a primary reason

The BBC has a reference to it, which tops a previous story text about Pastor Jack McConnell, and the ‘supporting’ remarks of Peter Robinson… [Helpfully joining up the dots just in case anyone missed it? – Ed] You might say that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

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  • notimetoshine

    I am disgusted at the vitriol that Anna Lo has received since she made this announcement.

    Whether it is the crass, foul mouthed and downright bigoted crap that has appeared on facebook and twitter, or the more subtle, nuanced but still unpleasant insinuations on slugger, the whole thing shows the immaturity, bigotry and stupidity of local politics, be it telling her to go home, or accusing her of using the race card or insinuating this is just one in a long line of incidents in the grand cultural marxist/liberal/dogooder scheme to destroy decent British values.

    The fact is we have a serious problem in this country, we can’t even get along with people who are from the same genetic and cultural stock as each other never mind someone from a different culture or race. NI is full of bigots, in government and in society, backed up with more intellectual defences in the media, from politicians and bloggers, who have politicised the hatred in NI to such an extent that it distracts from real government.

    One can argue over exact statistics, engage in whataboutery, play the man (as in Anna Lo’s case) but the reality is we have a real problem with prejudice in NI, and unfortunately it is that bad it is spilling out into physical violence. Create a smoke screen all you want but that is the reality.

    Now I am no bleeding heart liberal, but there is something fundamentally wrong with society when it exudes such hate of anyone different from the cultural norm, be that their sexuality, their race, religion etc.

    We need to change, NI needs to change, we need to get over ourselves, accept that we are all human beings and stop being so bloody evil.

  • Comrade Stalin


    the constitution of the Alliance party clearly states that it supports the link to the United Kingdom, there is no question on this.

    OK then.

    I have a copy of the constitution in front of me, kindly furnished by a council member.

    Since there is “no question” and it is “very clearly” stated, you should have no difficulty pointing me to which page (there are 13) and/or which section (there are 7) says anything about a link to the United Kingdom.

    Go ahead.

  • Comrade Stalin

    typo. The document has 13 pages and 12 paragraphs.

  • DC

    Anna Lo and Peter Robinson share something in common both have made injudicious comments on sensitive subjects to the Irish News, colonial is an insult and in an ethnically divided society what she said was downright crass. I’m sure she knows it, least said soonest mended and all that, I don’t know how many shit bombs Alliance have let off within loyalism lately…

    Peter Robinson should exit the stage likewise for similar reasons!

  • Ní Dhuibhir

    Did she call anyone a ‘colonial’? If everyone knows that colonial is an insult, doesn’t that mean we are all ‘anti-colonial’, as she described herself?