“are you serious?” – redux

Having taken umbrage previously at the sight of the Union flag on a bit of turkey in his local Asda store, the now Sinn Féin councillor, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, is bemoaning the lack of eggs “produced locally” in Sainsbury’s.  Or so he claims…  [He has photographic evidence! – Ed]  Indeed.  As he says in the Andersonstown News

How did I know the eggs weren’t local produce? That was easy: every box had a mini-Union Jack.

[In Sainsbury’s!? – Ed]  Of course, “we’re not part of the UK“, as any fule kno…

Update  Just to confirm what Nevin suggests in the comments, here’s the Sainsbury’s line on local produce [H/T Mark]

100% of the eggs we sell in our Northern Ireland [stores] comes from cage free hens reared in Northern Ireland and are supplied by Skea.