Totality begins…

…at 8.22pm [BST].  That’s tonight’s lunar eclipse and totality will last for 100 minutes – until 10.02pm [BST].  But it’s not, as the Irish Times claims Ireland’s “first lunar eclipse for five years.”  It is special however.  It’s a central total lunar eclipse – the center point of Earth’s shadow will fall on the moon – which explains the unusually long duration.

It could be as spectacular as the 2007 total lunar eclipse, which Sammy Morse captured in the featured image above.  Or it could be a wash-out like the 2008 one. have images from December 2010.

The Guardian’s Grrlscientist explains the science with a handful of videos.

And here’s a stunning view of a lunar eclipse – as seen by the Japanese JAXA/KAGUYA (SELENE) probe in lunar orbit. also have details of watch locations and they’d like to see any photos.  But you’ll have to wait for the Moon to rise above the horizon – some time after 9.00pm [BST].

Which is all partly an excuse to post, again, this terrific Warren Zevon track.  Enjoy! “I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen…”