Totality begins.. 10.44pm tonight and it should be the best in years, as the BBC helpfully notes.. given clear skies, of course. But while NASA has an interesting take, and there’s more science here, if you were still wondering, a ‘blood moon’ ahead of the election could suggest the omens are not good.. the only question is for whom? ANYway.. in the meantime.. Enjoy!
In the comments, susan suggests one group for whom the eclipse is definitely a good omen.. all together now.. “I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen..”

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  • susan

    Well, if I were paranoid I would speculate that a blood red moon bodes well for the Werewolves of London, ( but as I am basically pragmatic I reckon it is probably just another sign of the Apocalypse.

  • Cynic

    I heard it suggested that the moon may appear to be orange coloured during the eclipse. How would the soothsayers read that?

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks for that, susan. Great track!

  • Rory

    Diverting as this piece is, Pete, nothing can forgive that crapulosus video that accompanied that absolutely terrific number, “Pale Moon Arisin'”. Why oh why do we have to have a video? I can see why the likes of say, Britney or Madonna need them – to use clever cinematic tricks to obscure the awfulness of their acoustic output – but the great numbers stand alone. Let’s just listen.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, Rory, it is only someone’s homemade effort to accompany the track – with accomplished editing of the Harry Potter footage though.

    The reason I chose it was partly because it had the best audio quality of the ones I listened to.

  • Pete Baker

    Just a quick update.

    If you have clear skies I highly recommend watching the eclipse, which has already begun.. it’s quite spectacular.

  • Absolutely beautiful, and the camera is running overtime. Get your asses out there.

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed, Sammy. :o)

  • Pete Baker

    I’ll just add that if you have a proper clear sky.. that night sky tonight is simply wondrous.

  • SuperSoupy

    I’m disappointed. I usually miss these things because of cloud. I kept my kids up late for this one – the moon gets smaller and less bright – nothing of interest at totality. At least they’ll lie in.

  • GavBelfast

    Actually, I think it’s very impressive – the moon now looks like a (closer) type of Mars. A nice change for something like this not to be spoiled by cloud.

    Opinions here even differ over the quality of eclipses!!!

  • Pete Baker

    You sound surprised, Gav. ;o)

  • That Credence soundtrack flashed me back to the days when the medicinal herbs locally popular in the Bay Area would give me the same moon you saw, Pedro — anytime.

    I hit another parallel universe earlier when I stumbled across a merlot grown in the Santa Cruz Mountains by Fogerty Vineyards. Clos du Bois had just brought out a Gerry Garcia label and Mick Fleetwood was selling his label over the Internet so at the time I was primed for another case of Rock Vino by the life and death star of Credence Clearwater Revival.

    The label listed Thomas Fogerty as the proprietor which was a mental meltdown ’cause John’s brother was supposed to be dead long ago. Google got me out of the Twilight zone, though, when I found that the winery’s Tom Fogerty was the Stanford MD who had invented the embolectomy catheter. This was a piece of hardware I had experience with since I rode a couple of startups that made these wee critters into the ground during the late 80’s. Fogerty plowed his millions back into starting the winery, I kept up with the mortgage.

    Fogerty has a closed system. You get blitzed on his wine, your metabolism floods you with triglycerides that help form arterial plaque and his catherter clears the blockage away. You celebrate your recovery with getting blitzed on his wine, ………..

    They do a good chard and cab as well. They are all kind of pricey, though.

  • Pete Baker

    Just when you thought you were out, Jim…

  • Photo here. I’ve never really wanted a lens longer than 200mm before tonight, but made do with what I had.

    I wish Smilin’ Jim hadn’t mentioned credence, that song will be bouncing around in my head all night now!!!

  • Pete Baker

    That’s a beautiful photo, Sammy.

    We’ve now moved into the post-totality phase for those still interested.

  • marty

    The day will come when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show. It is then we’ll see the rising of the moon.