Everything lunar

Nasa may have launched its latest lunar probes last Thursday – and there’s an informative video on that mission below the fold – but the Japanese JAXA/KAGUYA (SELENE) probe has just ended its lunar mission, with a “maneuvered falling” to the Moon’s surface on 11th June. A brief flash of light was observed. They got some great photos on the way down though [scroll down]. Via the Professor. And here’s the stunning KAGUYA Earth-rise footage from 5 April 2008 [with English narration]. The 2007 Earth-rise footage, noted previously, is also below the fold, along with February’s solar eclipse by the Earth as viewed from lunar orbit, and Earth-set.

Here the JAXA/KAGUYA (SELENE) Earthrise footage from 7 November 2007.

JAXA/KAGUYA (SELENE) solar eclipse footage from lunar orbit 10 February 2009.

JAXA/KAGUYA (SELENE) HD footage of Earth-set.

And Nasa’s LRO webcast.