DRD Minister intends to grant £8.6million to City of Derry Airport

Some £60-odd million has been spent by various administrations on the City of Derry Airport in recent years – including £19million in 2008 on “safety work”.  And still no sign of a buyer…

But, as the Irish Government prepares to cut the subsidy it provides for the Londonderry-Dublin flight, the Northern Ireland Regional Development Minister, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, has announced his intention to grant £8.6million to the airport for further “essential safety works”.  Even though he has yet to secure the necessary funding.

From the Minister’s press release

Speaking after today’s meeting of the Executive the Minister said: “I intend to issue a Ministerial Direction to my Department to pay grant towards essential safety works at City of Derry Airport for the upgrade of its runway and infrastructure to meet the safety requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority. I propose to bid in the February Monitoring Round to secure £8.6 million to provide the necessary funding.”

Perhaps the reported rationalisation in 2009 has improved the airport’s operating deficit…

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