“They are looking at rationalisation of the airport..”

The BBC reports that Derry City Council Chief Executive Valerie Watts has stated that staff levels at the City of Derry Airport will be reduced, apparently without the use of compulsory redundancies. The Irish News adds that the former managing director at Belfast International Airport, Albert Harrison, has been appointed as the new airport manager, which the Council own, as they prepare to try to sell the airport make the changes. Official statement here. As for the elected representatives.. The Belfast Telegraph turns up DUP Cllr Joe Miller

“They are looking at rationalisation of the airport, they are looking at relocating if there is to be any movement there will be a relocation of people. I don’t think the word redundancy has been mentioned, this is a very positive move for the airport,” [Cllr Joe Miller] said.

[“They”? – Ed] All the reports note that the airport’s annual operating deficit has risen from £1.7million to over £4million.