“just sitting there and hanging onto it is lose lose..”

After spending over £19million on securing an unrestricted airport licence, and a proposed £46million in public funds on associated infrastructure, not to mention some loose change, and despite apparent denials by the public representatives, the BBC reports that Derry City Council Chief Executive, Valerie Watts, has confirmed that the council is considering selling City of Derry Airport by 2011.. if they can find a buyer..

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  • Barnshee

    Sreely time for the Local Govt Auditor to examine this whole shambles

  • Sean Og

    Why on earth is a local Council running an Airport when they can’t he trusted to run a housing department or education or planning or social services?

    Airports are a private sector function and the sooner this one is sold off the better for the ratepayers of Derry and the taxpayers of Ireland.

    Local government officials and councillors are the last people I would put in charge of an enterprise like this and their performance in managing the airport confirms my belief.

  • The Raven

    Really Sean?

    And yet without them in 1978, there probably wouldn’t be a City of Derry Airport. Sometimes, local authorities are the catalyst by which such things happen. It was done “to improve the transport infrastructure to the North West of the island”.

    Naturally – and here’s the tricky part – there comes a point when they simply have to let go and let market forces take charge. And that’s where Derry City Council are stuck.

    Rather easy to put the boot into local government, isn’t it? By the way, some planning functions will be coming under local authorities after RPA.

  • runciter

    Why shouldn’t a council run an airport? Why would the private sector be better qualified to perform such a role?

    Do people imagine that the requirement for a public subsidy will magically disappear when ownership is tranferred?

    Fair play to Derry City Council for looking after the interests of their region.