“That’s an issue that the city treasurer is currently working on..”

In addition to the £46million dual carriageway, over £19million has been spent on securing an unrestricted airport licence for the City of Derry Airport, with £4-5million coming from Derry City Council. The rest was part of the funding offer from the UK and Irish governments – and then there’s the secret deal with Ryanair.. From the Derry Journal report

Deputy Town Clerk John Meehan said the costs are likely to be reflected in next year’s rates estimates but added it is too early to tell how much they will add to the rates bill locally. “That is what the City Treasurer is now working on. We have just begun the rates estimates period. There will be significant challenges on the capital front but it will be up to members to decide that,” he said.

And where are those members councillors? Of course they’d still have to collect those rates.. a process that hasn’t been very successful recently.. Derry City Council could write that debt off.. [“literally taking food out of children’s mouths”? – Ed]. Or sell-off the airport..