Have a listen to this unusual but very catchy Covid-19 charity song – On Horseback…

I have taken to listening to RTE Radio 1 early morning show, The Rising Time. The gently introduce you into another Covid-19 Groundhog Day with some relaxing tunes. The other morning I pricked up my ears at a song that started:

I like beer, and I like cheese
I like the smell of a westerly breeze
But what I like more than all of these
Is to be on horseback.

WTF? Thought I. is this a spoof song? You can’t listen to any song about horses without thinking of the Fr Ted classic penned by Fermanagh’s finest Neil Hannon.

YouTube video

But no, it turns out to a be real song written by Mike Oldfield (he of Moonlight Shadow and Tubular Bells fame) back in 1975.

YouTube video

The cover version is narrated by RTE’s Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers while Kerry singer Gemma Goodey sings lead female vocals with guitarist Kyle Tyhter.

It is one of the most unique songs I have heard in ages, and catchy as hell, it has been stuck in my head all weekend. Have a listen and see what you think. After all, who does not like a horsey?

YouTube video

Photo by RobGlenister is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA