Slugger had over a million readers in 2017. Thank you :-)

The good ship Slugger had a great 2017. We had over a million readers over the course of the year, 1343 posts, and over 6 million pages of content read.

There were around 115,000 comments posted to the site and we read every single one of them (yeah right).

For those of you who are about to comment that it says one or two thousand readers at the top of most posts how can it be so many? You need to remember that the Slugger archive goes back 15 years. We get a lot of traffic to the archive so collectively it all adds up to a ton of readers.

Here are our top posts of 2017 and the number of readers:

1The £400m for Infrastructure in the Conservative-DUP agreement will only exacerbate Northern Ireland’s east-west divide41931
2Can you all just calm yourselves down a bit about the DUP?27772
3“Night vision goggles and a f***ing sword”24448
4New Brexit bombshell. Irish citizen rights to live and work in Great Britain may change within a month, even for northerners. The answer so far- take out a British passport if you can, quick23584
5EXCLUSIVE POLL: Unionist supporters content with East West post #Brexit border controls…15591
6Why Unionism has a problem…14177
7Nationalism Bites Back14117
8How brexit is destroying NI’s centre ground – and could take the Union with it13491
9If not loyalists, who else will do this job?11885
10Forecasting the 2017 Assembly Election11860
11Sinn Fein’s Unlikely Candidate11205
12Check Your (unionist) Privilege10589
13If Belfast is a beautiful city, then why plague it with a black sticker pox?10478
14Poll records another jump in support for Irish Unity9666
15The Death of Unionism9441
16LucidTalk Poll on a Border Poll & Irish Unity9416
17Fresh evidence from the archives: When did Martin McGuinness actually leave the PIRA?9383
18Looks like there may be big changes in the post for tomorrow’s count…9210
19Observe the sons of Ulster, marching towards the bin9079
20Six reasons why the DUP must be considered on its merits rather than its faults…8929
21New DUP MP Pengelly faces choice: Stand up for shared housing residents or side with loyalists targeting ‘The Other’8380
22Take Back Control – of our Ulster-Scots histories8333
23Latest findings on a border poll8253
24Brexit to force Tayto Northern Ireland to stop selling their popular Cheese & Onion Crisps?8075
25We have no Executive but we need to face electoral realities7514
26You know things are bad when Stacey Dooley comes to town…7414
27Sinn Fein running John Finucane in North Belfast7222
28Kevin Myers disgraced7203
29“The prospect written between the lines of this week’s letter is of Sinn Féin sidelining itself….”7175
30A Passport to Nationalist Insurrection?6994
31Non-life-threatening injuries and the scandal of shooting children…6882
32Martin McGuinness (not Michelle O’Neill) describes the DUP as bigots in Mid Ulster6841
33The warm welcome Arlene Foster received at the funeral of Martin McGuinness came as a surprise to many. But not to those who know Derry well.6834
34DUP figure calls for boycott of News Letter over RHI revelations6508
35Key races to watch in Northern Ireland6501
36The DUP are barking up the wrong tree6422
37Unionism isn’t ready for a deal anytime soon6369
38Lucid Talk poll shows support for special status & strong support for the DUP & Sinn Fein6364
39#AE17 – Bring us your Box Figures for 12 noon, 5pm and 9pm?6343
40Candidates for #AE176320


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