She played tin whistle in an IRA band but fell in love with an Orangeman…

The LAD chaps have surpassed themselves with this little ditty.

For those of you not up on your pop culture it is a spoof of Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl song:


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  • Granni Trixie

    Hat tip to the Lads, how Did they do that?

  • Jim M

    Actually better than I was expecting.

  • the rich get richer

    Not too bad at all…which is high praise in some there parts…..

  • Dan

    Tired dreary dross.
    Does anyone laugh at crap like that any more?

  • Brian O’Neill

    The half a million people who have watched it so far seem to like it Mr grumpy

  • Dan

    Half a million?
    The count on that youtube link is currently 12913.

  • Brian O’Neill

    The main video is on Facebook. It is up to 576,000 views.

  • Jag

    You can’t deduce that the half million who viewed it “liked” it Brian.

    For all you know, Dan himself watched it half a million times just so he could be sure of his opinion it’s total dross.

    On a broader point, I honestly wonder about Facebook stats. Enda’s speech/lecture to Donald Trump during St Pat’s was viewed 40m+ times on C4 news#’s Facebook, but less than 100,000 on Youtube.There is controversy down South about the Facebook likes one media “company” has amassed. I sometimes wonder if there is faking going on with the stats.

  • james

    I’d never actually personally sampled LAD before. Now that I have I would have to say it’s crap – akin to the old Spitting Politics tapes in days of yore in terms of humour and sophistication.

    Five minutes of life wasted.

  • Dan

    Fair enough.
    That beardy lad twit must be over the moon.
    Maybe he’ll really make a breakthrough and get an invite onto a bbcni panel show…

  • Brian O’Neill

    Because Facebook videos autoplay in your feed I think thst artificially inflates the views.

    But still there is a ton of people on Facebook so when you get a hit it can spread like wildfire.

  • Thomas Girvan

    The original song is crap.
    The best parody would be to entirely change the tune and the words.