Join us for our Slugger Sessions on Transforming Belfast



Belfast has been transformed over the last decade. The once desolate Cathedral Quarter is now attracting thousands of revelers every week. The Titanic Quarter is seeing massive investment by companies overseas and local. It seems every other day a new bar or restaurant is popping up.

But we can do more. Belfast city centre has one of the lowest occupancy rates of any city in the UK or Ireland. How do we attract people to live in the city centre? How do we make Belfast an attractive city for tourists and investment? How do we make the city more livable for its residents?

In partnership with Queen’s University Belfast we have assembled an expert panel to discuss their vision for our great city. The panel are:

  1. Professor Greg Keeffe, Professor of Architecture QUB, The Future City
  2. Professor Geraint Ellis, Professor of Planning QUB, Health and the City
  3. Professor Hugh Ellis, Head of Policy, Town and Country Planning Association, Democracy and Space
  4. Mark Hackett, Architect City Reparo,  Communities and the City
  5. Dr Saul Golden, Senior Lecturer in Architecture UU,  Business and the City
  6. Dr Agustina Martire, lecturer in Architecture at QUB

We also want to have a good interaction with the audience so there will be lots of opportunity for you to question the panel and give your views.

The tickets for the event are free but we do welcome donations on the night to help us cover the cost of running the live events.

Get your tickets:

Wondering what happened to the Slugger Salon? People thought the Salon name was too pretentious. Kris Nixon suggested Slugger Sessions as an alternative. So future events will be under the Slugger Sessions name.  Sessions sounds more us 🙂

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  • Not Brazil

    The #SluggerSalon sign will be worth a few bob in a number of years…it’s a collector’s item now.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Saul Golden?!!!
    Dangnabbit I can’t make it!!!
    He’s a clever cookie, he sees the great potential of Belfast and coming from a New Yorker (him, not moi) that’s encouraging.

  • Surveyor

    Jeez, does Belfast not get enough already? Please spare all us non Belfast residents your sob stories.

  • SilentMajority

    For all the money spent on Belfast it remains disjointed and has no real distinction. It is now anywhere, any place, having copied the Liverpool and Dublin example of Dockland development.
    Whilst virtually ALL the NI investment/Government subsidy is pumped in to Belfast and its region by Sinn fein and the DUP the remainder of NI languishes. SF, supposedly a left wing party has demonstrated its direction and true centre right position, supporting capital and retention of the Union in its Belfast only policy. Yesterdays announcement on the York Road improvements hints at a repositioning and focus on this and abandonment of other schemes that may help the west, for a junction that has several times over the last few decades received such focus and financing but remains a problem. An answer to the congestion in Belfast might have been to put some development elsewhere outside of Belfast but this is not the agenda. How did the University of Ulster end up at York Street in a scheme that Martina Anderson supported to fruition through EU funds (a loan which in the end will be paid by funding by the NI Assembly to the university) whilst at the same time purporting to want expansion at Magee in Derry? This needs to be answered by the politicians who after all support this from public funding of the universities. UU at York Street happened and Magee in contrast has been cut back. Great logic and supportive of policies on regional growth, balance and equity which are supposedly NI Government Policy.
    The conference is well meaning but it seems to relate to the ‘gloss’ of Belfast but the true picture may lie in the underlying structural inequities as implemented by the SF/DUP government.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Well, good.
    The ‘bureaucorporates’ in Belfast’s case are international companies shoring up their pension schemes by treating Belfast’s industrial architecture as fatted calves to be slaughtered.
    If you could strike them down I’d be most obliged.

  • UrbanResearchLab-SGolden

    Thank you Am Gobsmacht! In light of many things my fellow country-men and women have contributed to society of late, I hope I still seem clever after the night is through! 🙂 BTW, a disclaimer…While I work for Ulster University as a Lecturer for Urban/Architecture/Interior design (not Senior Lecturer – wishful thinking), I will be at the Dark Horse presenting my personal views & research about cities and this city – from my work with local businesses and community groups via Urban Research Lab and Urban Research Belfast!

  • Teresa Clarke

    Are you guys not at all worried about the complete lack of Woman on this panel? @manelist

  • Brian O’Neill

    We sure are. For this event we did not arrange the speakers but there is no excuse we should have noticed the lack of women before hand.

    At all our events we do try to get an even mix of male female but we screwed up on this one.

    We will ensure we get more of a mix for future events but this is a really complex issue that deserves a separate post.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Try the head woman from the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, they’ve some great insight and ideas on such matters.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Hi Teresa, just to give you an update. We have taken the criticism on board and our latest event has 3 women out of a panel of 5. We will work to ensure all our events are as gender balanced as possible: