Selling salacious gossip rather than news

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The Sunday Life / Belfast Telegraph has been running a series of stories surrounding the claims by a Kent based individual called Christopher Luke that he had some sort of relationship (possibly homosexual) with the late UUP leader Jim Molyneaux.

These claims have been rubbished by a variety of unionist leaders: Lord Maginnis and Jeffrey Donaldson to name but two. Possibly the most comprehensive point has been made by Graham Craig who actually proposed Lee Reynolds as the stalking horse candidate against Molyneaux. He pointed out that, years ago as a student Luke had stayed at his house and in those days was very anti homosexual.

Exactly why the Belfast Telegraph is persisting with this is a mystery. Even if Lord Molyneaux had been homosexual, then, and even more so now, it is an entirely private matter. Lord Molyneaux was never hypocritical about the issue; never having publicly mentioned it. As such even if he were homosexual it is resolutely unimportant.

As a final point and to sum up the level to which the Belfast Telegraph has descended with this story its headline (shown here) states John Taylor slammed the claim whereas the article only mentions Ken Maginnis. That pretty sums up the depths the Telegraph has achieved with this story and would not be the first time they have had difficulties with matching headline and content.