Belfast Telegraph: Strabane Fermanagh

Belfast Telegraph headline:

Strabane gets shirty over patriotic top
American company thinks Fermanagh town’s in Scotland

Strabane Fermanagh Bel TelThe Belfast Telegraph has an article poking fun at an American company producing a t shirt with a Union Flag and the name Strabane on it.

The company told the Belfast Telegraph it was Strabane Scotland which according to the Bel Tel’s research does not exist.

Unfortunately on its front page the Belfast Telegraph also has a non existent town: Strabane, Fermanagh.

Update: They have fixed it to Strabane, Tyrone now

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  • Podge

    The Strabanish Inquisition had a satirical piece on this.

    There wont be much outrage in the town.

  • Turgon

    The issue is the Belfast Telegraph laughing at an American company saying Strabane is in Scotland when they (the Bel Tel) are saying Strabane is in Fermanagh.

  • Screen grab of the Bel Tel website frontpage … before they read Turgon’s post and fix it! At least the body of the article correctly references Tyrone.

    Strabane Fermanagh Bel Tel

  • Podge


    Fair do’s, being from Strabane it’s hardly a shock that the BelTel would get this wrong as well. Just thought I’d highlight a Strabane response to the initial situation.

  • Turgon

    Thanks for that. I have changed the picture to your one. I could not frame grab properly.

  • I’ve tweaked it to get round the Google Plus and Twitter icons mess up the formatting of images up near the first paragraph.

  • Turgon


  • Interestingly, there is a Strabane in PA, USA. And not too far from me there are quite a few places named after N.I and ROI towns.

  • babyface finlayson

    “Interestingly, there is a Strabane in PA, USA.”
    Yes that is interesting.

  • Barnshee

    American company thinks Fermanagh town’s in Scotland

    That`s nothing Mary Robinson was a former Prime Minister of of N Ireland

    Perhaps its not too late —A beautiful humane clever woman with a steel core give it a try.

  • The decline of the Bellylaugh encapsulated in one embarrassing episode.

    It survives now on one or (perhaps) two decent opinion writers, a Twitter Alert team and the daily sectarian bunfight in in its comment-zone.

    Someone should really put it and us out of our misery

  • between the bridges

    All for expanding the lakeland kingdom but think i would draw the line at Strabaney…

  • ayeYerMa

    More unnecesarry sh1t stirring from that rag, along with some suggestion that Catholic = Republican.

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