Tall Ships have arrived (2-5th July)

IMG_3120 Yesterday Alan and myself had the opportunity to take a trip on the water to look around the Tall Ships festival which is starting today in Belfast.

We were treated to a 90 minute tour of the Belfast Harbour which will be hosting nearly 50 tall ships for 3 days. Here I must declare an interest: I am a bit of a boat fan.

It’s not that I know a lot about sailing or anything, but I do like the experience of being on a boat. My awe and enthusiasm for being there was tempered by Alan’s desire to take pictures and take in the wonders of our local docks.

IMG_3125We played around with Periscope while and you can catch our musings for another couple of hours before they time out. We take you through some of the ships in port and there is some footage of two Tall Ships coming into the harbour. Plus, we look at the Royal Princess (not part of the Tall Ships) which was docked in our city yesterday.

IMG_3132Anyway back to the Tall Ships, it is expected that around 500,000 people will be visiting the area, generating around £10 million for the local economy. Not only will we be making money, but we will also have the One Show broadcasting live from Belfast on Friday night.

So, how can you get to see the Tall Ships?

Translink are laying on special services to get people safely to and from the Tall Ships. There will be Park and Ride facilities at Sprucefield, Cairnshill, Dundonald and a new site at Ballymartin, just off the M2 at the junction for the International Airport. There also will be bus services from Belfast City Council Park and Ride sites at Holywood Exchange travelling to Queen’s Quay and from Boucher Road Playing Fields to Pollock Dock. A free shuttle bus will help ferry visitors from Wellington Place in the city centre to Pollock Dock, and another between there and Queen’s Quay.

You can also follow the Tall Ships on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • chrisjones2

    A fleet of 18th Century ships in harbour in Belfast somehow seems so appropriate for our political and social development. But we need to take this further

    Will we have ceremonial witch burning on the quayside? A riotous squabbling mob in the Assembly on the Hill? Hanging religious dissenters in Customs House Square? Tarring and feathering the Mollys and running them out of town on rails?

    In other words an every day Thursday in Belfast

  • Dan

    One of these weekends for the NI event junkies….nothing particularly exciting about it whatsoever, but we’ll all have it rammed down our throats by the media that it is wonderful.

    Happily the Red Arrows will deliver the star quality,

  • MainlandUlsterman

    All fine and good fun, but the hordes flocking away from the Lough Shore yesterday lunchtime almost made my miss my plane. I was cursing the bloody tall ships as I sat on the Jordanstown Road yesterday and still cursing them approaching Doagh. Incredible level of interest.