Greek Referendum: “a chunk of undecided voters to fight over.”

Via the Guardian’s Greece crisis blog.   Another wrinkle for the game theory academics in the Syriza-led Greek Government, and those agitating on their behalf, to contemplate ahead of the controversial, and confused, on/off/on 5 July referendum in Greece.

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  • Sergiogiorgio

    Labour just might shade it, a hung parliament….no wait, that was a few months back. Lies, damn lies and statistics…

  • Zeno

    Get your money on Yes. Fear always rules.

  • Kevin Breslin

    So we’re just calling any cost-benefit decision making game theory these days are we?

  • Kevin Breslin

    To put it simply Yes is Fear and No is Fear in this one. Voters have to find whatever iota of faith they can get

  • WindowLean

    Kevin Breslin is right, if the Greeks vote Yes, they’re fecked and if they vote No they’re fucked.

  • Kevin Breslin

    It’s a matter of judging which is the improvement from where they are now.

  • kensei

    It was reported on the guardian live blog that the poll was partial and refuted by the polling company in question. Update… strangely tardy.

  • D99

    Usually Zeno, but not always. This time it’s different.

  • Zeno

    People are being asked to choose between long term pain or an unknown possibly shorter term much more severe pain. I haven’t gone into it in any detail, but my gut says it’s a Yes vote.